2009 Resolutions I almost definitely won’t break

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new_13cEvery year I make about a million resolutions and every year without fail I falter in the first week. This year I’ve decided to make some realistically achievable life goals and hope to have fulfilled most of these by the end of the year. As I’ve now committed these to print online, I’ll have people nag/laugh/encourage me to achieve these, and I think they’re all plausible activities.

1.Read  all the Booker Prize winning novels this year. Just checked their website and this year is their 40th anniversary, so bearing in mind I’ve probably read about eight of them it seems fairly feasible. Annoyingly I seem to have read more of the runner ups than the actual winners, but that makes it more of a challenge right?

2. Write the novel I keep putting off. I know, I know, it’s hard deciding between something dark and beautiful, a sci-fi epic and a rom com, but they’re not going to write themselves are they?

3. See if I can create a workable relationship with my mother. Bunny hugs and air kisses may never happen but a phone conversation that doesn’t involve silently mouthing swearwords to the phone whilst holding it away from my ear would be a great start.

4.Learn a new skill. I’m thinking a new language (always fancied Japanese), karate/kick boxing or perhaps that thing where you can remember everything you’ve ever glanced at. Or perhaps it would be easier just to learn silver soldering? Hey, I have a year to do this OK?

5.Visit an EU country I’ve never been to.

6. Buy a Ryanair 1p flight and then party in whatever godforsaken village it drops me off in, without attempting to drive 100 miles to the main town. If poss, combine this with number 5.

7. Well last years resolution was to make a website and this one seems to be running, unless WordPress/ one.com starts hating me again.

8. Go snowboarding again and try not to spend most of the time sliding down the hill on my arse.

9. Create a signature dish, or alternatively add another to my repertoire. 2008 was the year I learnt to stir fry bringing the dishes I can make to a fabulous number 2 (I do a great vegetable chilli). Perhaps risotto or a curry for 2009?

10. Make regular USA calls to my friends instead of promising to and then flaking out. I’m sorry Ann/Nicole/James/Juliette/Sarah.

11. Go to a ballet- I’ve never been!

12. Get my CBT, next step full bike licence!

13. Do a 1/2 marathon. This will involve training, dedication and hard work. But this WILL be the year I do it.

14. I have to include a health resolution don’t I? Ok, I’d like to be a perfect size 10, rather than a fluctuating 11, go to the gym twice a week and drink more water.  If I can manage the gym part the other two will follow.. hopefully.

15. Learn to switch off. This involves not checking my work emails on weekends or in bed, or before going to sleep.. or well you get the idea. An internet detox would probably be a good thing. I could use the spare time for, um, watching TV? Reading? Gym time.



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You are the greatist!


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