Five things I gained AND lost at CES 2009

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lasvegassignCES 2009 was quite an experience. I met some amazing people  from, blogs I really respect (Boing Boing Gadgets, Oh Gizmo and Chip Chick being the highlights) and got to see far more TV’s than one human should ever have to deal with. I saw demo’s of Windows 7, and Steve Ballmer attempt to be young by saying cool approx 27 times in his keynote speech. But what else did Vegas mean to me? I’ve summed it up for you in a  handy little list.


1.USB sticks. More than I’ll ever want or need and most under 1GB.

2.Weight. There was a serious amount of grease and alcohol ingested, and the jeans feel pretty tight now.
3.Papercuts. A seriously ridiculous amount as there were so many releases to look at. See above pic- and that’s three days later!!
4. $400 dollars. Going to pee in the big rollers toilets has serious benefits. It’s just a shame Mr, ‘on a table with min bet $300′ forced me to spend the winnings he gave me on roulette. Still, ’twas a good hour.
5. Gun experience. I have now handled a pink AR15 and a Magnum 44. (pics coming soon)

1.Sanity. Seriously, when you suggest ice cream at 3am , you have to realize that’s not normal.
2.Money I ‘m not sure how many taxi’s I took but it was a lot.
3.$400 on the tables.  See first list as to why I’m not devastated.
4. My Blackberry 8900.Not sure where it went, but think it may have vanished in the random limo with poles that Sony took me in.
5. My MAC Cremesheen gloss and my Bobbi Brown compact- both now broken into a million pieces.
6. Skintone. See point 1 of the gains list, and it’s fairly self explanatory.


8 − = six

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