Ten things I always forget I love about Los Angeles

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la-beachDespite having spent one fabulous year living in the hallowed state of California, my memory is not what it used to be, and everytime I return I realize why I’m still devastated the UK isn’t eligible for the green card lottery. Here are my top ten things about life in the USA

1. Mexican food is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You have fast food joints (del Taco, El Pollo Loco/ Baja Fresh) nice restaurants and sweet bistros. Unlike London where there are about five overpriced places you really have to hunt for, burritos and enchiladas are a way of life.

2. The plumbing. Yes, I know this is a weird one, but seriously- all the toilets flush- ALWAYS!! And they have toilet seat covers as well which makes a trip to the McDonalds loos a lot more palatable.

3.Frozen Yogurt.

It’s yummy, creamy, low fat AND and you can choose from the likes of Pinkberry, Red Mango and the amazing array in west Hollywood. You get around ten flavours to choose from, and a huge pot is fat free and under 100 calories. Sold! (New York does have Tasti D-Lite, but the UK has zero shops dedicated to fro-yo).

frozenyogurt4. Nutrition labels are really helpful here. Every packet is clearly labelled so you can watch what you eat and be aware of your food content.

5. The exercise culture.

Working out, going for a run- all is seen as normal and there are no jibes about losing weight etc, as it’s just seen as part of the healthy lifestyle

6. Snowboarding!

The mountains are an hour drive from central LA, a lift pass is about $23 for all day fun on the slopes and it’s sooo much fun. And you have about 4 months to do this- nov- feb!!

7. The Beach and beach related activities.

Surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, sunbathing, all easily accessible.

8. The education system.

Ok, you may end up studying till you’re 25 but you get a great all round education, a protracted childhood and you can take classes in capoeira, tap dance- whatever you like!! Learning is FUN here.

9. Yet more food fun.

They have ranch dressing as normal, Nerds (pretty yummy) and their supermarkts are amazing! I particularly love Ralph’s-in the UK an offer that says 2 items for £4 means you have to buy 2 items, in Ralph’s it means you can buy one for £2!! How sensible is that??

stevem110. Steve Madden shoes!

The best shoe shop ever! And Abercrombie is more affordable as well (well till the dollar drops anyway!)

And one more for luck- the men are taller, tanned and cuter than their pasty British counterparts!!

But hey, with every list of goodpoints there will always be some bad , so as to balance this out I’ve listed a few complaints.

Bad Points

-Tipping. Surely this should be based on merit, not just obligatory??

-Traffic. I think LA may have the worst traffic on the world!

-14 days holiday a year if you’re in work? Eww. And to think I moan about having 22!

-Public transport. Not a feasible option if you’re over 20 and not homeless.

-Relationships.So you’ve been dating a year and you’re still not official? Grow up American boys!


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