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dictionaryI’m not ashamed to admit there are many words I don’t l know. Part of being such a ridiculous reader (3 books a week has often rasied eyebrows) means that I come across a wide variety of words I’m unfamiliar with. In the flow of the sentences they seem understandable, but can I use them in a conversation? Um, probably not. So I’ve taken to writing them down and looking them up, and have decided that Encarta Dictionary is better than Dictionary.com and Wikipedia for a definition (and briefer).

Here are the words I’m learning at the moment- and don’t laugh, as I know you have your own moments of mental blankness as well.


1. Passionate argument: a passionate, strongly worded, and often controversial argument against or, less often, in favor of somebody or something

2. Passionate critic: somebody who engages in a passionate dispute about or argues passionately against somebody or something


Definition: nearness,: nearness in space, time or relationship


1.setting of borders: the process of deciding on and setting the boundaries of a piece of land identifiable separation of things:

2.the division of something so that its divided parts are separate and identifiable


1.stream: a stream formed by others combining

2.meeting of two or more things: a meeting or joining of two or more things, or the place where two or more things meet or join

3.meeting of streams: a flowing together of two or more streams, or a point at which streams combine.


1.core group: a controlling or representative group at the center.

2.core of activists: a core group of political activists or revolutionaries

3.military unit: a group of experienced professionals at the core of a military organization who are able to train new recruits and expand the operations of the unit

So that’s it for today, but I ask you did you know them all? Really? Well kudos to you.

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