Further along Resolution Road: Recruiting friends makes resolutions more likely

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The first post in this blog was in regards to my New Years resolutions, those things we make every year and often fail. Well, I’m determined to fulfill at least half of the items on my list, and have been making firm progress . I’ve enrolled in Mandarin lessons (which were postponed due to low numbers), am visiting Portugal this week (tick number 5 off my list) and have booked flights to Australia for March.

Another of my resolutions was to complete all 40 Booker winning novels by the end of 2009, and January proved fruitful, as due to a multitude of airport visits and cross country trips I suscessfully ploughed my way through The English Patient (UK-Vegas), The Famished Road (California to UK), The God of Small Things (which I realized I’d already read half way through)  and also discovered that I’d read more than I though I had, as I can also tick Disgrace by Joseph Coetzee off my list.

That still leaves a fair amount though, and recently bemoaning how much left I had left to got through, my friends and I embarked on a heated debate regarding the literary merits of many of the books on the list. It was a great evening in, as there was fresh lasagne, plentiful cava, and we even had fresh apple crumble with custard for dessert. OK, My contribution was of the cerebral kind, as I can’t a/cook, and b/ I really can’t cook, but with wine a-flowing and people chatting I had the un-original idea of starting a book club. As my friends are all English/Politics graduates who find their degree skills somewhat unwanted in their high flying city careers they agreed instantly, and the next day saw a flurry of work unrelated emails heading back and forth as we tried to decide on a book from the list to start with.

Yes., we know that book clubs tend to be the domain of the bored forty something, but we’ve decided to make them cool and fresh, with lashings of irony and not a folded napkin in sight.

We’ve all read some of them, but we narrowed it down to three options, and our next adventure is buying them, then arranging a meet up where we discuss the book. I may even review them all, despite them being up to 40 years out of date, just to keep my review skills functioning, but that’s more of a side project. If I do, expect repeated use of the words onomatopoeic, alliteration and assonance, as my brain starts to get into academic mode again!

Knowing some of my friends I can imagine there will be printed questions and discussion topics, but who am I to stop them from recapturing their days of high school goody two shoe-ness?? Somehow my resolution has sparked their interest and led to a night of boozing and burgers, as well as literary discussion, which is more than I ever hoped for!

Next resolution, getting my CBT and meeting hot guys in motorbike leather? To be continued…

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