The Pink Pimple light deters teens from loitering: Sales of Oxy boosted?

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380_image_pink_lightTeens flee in shame as their facial flaws are highlighted by special lights installed in their favourite hangouts

It’s the same in every town you visit, a few stretches of public road where you’re unwilling to venture, due to the gathered teens, sulking peremptorily with oversized fashionable jackets firmly in place. Walk pass them and you leave yourself open to lewd comments, aggressive actions, or worst of all zero reaction (meaning you’re clearly too old to be ogled). It’s not a nice part of life, yet trying to stop teens gathering in public is about as likely as making people realize that eating Subway isn’t actually very healthy.

Whilst we can’t do anything about the unnecessary flaunting of teenage G strings, or hike up those baggy trousers, it seems there is a way to deter them from hanging out in public areas, and it’s all down to the simple science of vanity. Nottinghamshire council has clearly been brushing up on their maths skills and deduced that ‘Teens= hormones= acne. Acne=pustules which make girls want to retch and limits their pulling skills. Acne highlighting light+ Teen hotspot= lack of teenagers.

They’ve introduced a special pink light to trouble spots in their area and have noticed hordes of teens fleeing the area whilst covering their faces in shame.. sortof.

The pink light has made all the wannabe hard youths leave in disgust at its effeminate properties, and any would be teen romancer is driven away by the fact that the light makes pimples uber prominent.

The lamps used are the same you’d find in beauty salons and their installation has been very successful at keeping areas free from loitering teens.

What’s next- fat mirrors in McDonalds to promote smaller portion sizes?

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Ardith Peterson
Apr 25, 2009 at 12:13 am

I think this is amazing. Are the pink lights availabe here in the U.S.? If so, where can I find them?? Lowes, Home Depot or maybe walmart?



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