5 reasons I’m sad to leave Shiny Media

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goodbyeLife provides a never ending cycle of new experiences; and the time has come for me to plunge into its heady current once more, and make the move from my much loved role as editor of Shiny Shiny and Kiss and Makeup at Shiny Media. Yes, no longer will I be known for awkward video reviews in front of that flocked wallpaper, or be seen on the sites, testing everything from mobile handsets to laser guns. Moving forward is a natural state of affairs, but there are many things I will miss about working at Shiny Towers.

1. The People

I can’t stress enough what a great team I work with, and despite the recent departures of Lucy, Duncan, Gemma, Stuart and Susi, there remain a core group of staff members that I feel honoured to call my friends. It’s not often you find a working situation so congenial that the people actually play a major part in your life- such as on weekends!- but the delightful Dan, Abi, Isabelle and Kelly really make the morning a pleasure, rather than a grumpy sleep deprived experience (and it does help they make me coffee regularly). Many years ago Katie, Chris and Ashley hired me into the fold, and I’ll always owe them a debt of gratitude for embracing me into the shiny family, and will find it odd going somewhere where the names ‘Zazzles’ , ‘Zsa Zsa’ and ‘Sugar coated streamtrain’ won’t automatically be my nom de plume.

2. The Variety

I’ve been fortunate to have worked over a wide variety of sites in my time here, and have experienced a wide range of topics,  from fashion to accessories, celebrity, beauty and technology. This has allowed me to hone my skills and learn what areas I’m really suited for, and which I’m not (my D-list celebrity radar is notoriously awful).

3. The inane Spotify playlits

You’ve never lived till you’ve experienced the ‘power ballad hour’ or the music Abi plays when she’s having a bad day.  Then again, I hear  my new office has some pretty eclectic musical tastes…

4. The fact we have a full length mirror, beauty cupboard and three sets of hair straighteners in the office

Yes, it’s true, we spend more time preening than typing. No, not really. But the mirror does come in handy on Friday nights/before meeting hot journo mates at press events…

5. The 10 minute commute to work (and proximity to Topshop Oxford Circus)

It has been a great experience but I’ve now been residing in Shiny Towers for over two years and I feel I need to allow myself more challenges- such as battling rush hour trains once more, rather than hopping out of bed at 9am. Then again, the extra time commuting may mean I finally get to work on that novel, finish more novels, and perfect the art of applying liquid eyeliner on a moving train. Yes, a move does seem vaguely inevitable at some point in my future. And leaving Topshop behind should make my bank manger a lot happier as well!

In the spirit of fairness and honesty, I’m also going to mention just what I won’t miss about Shiny Media. I thought I’d do another five bullet points, but couldn’t actually think of that many- so here’s the abridged version!

Three Things I won’t miss

1. YouTube commenters on the Shiny YouTube account

Well, most of them anyways. The people who eagerly go ‘first coment’ second comment’ are harmless if confusing (surely you can’t be that excited?) but the ones who like to comment on my hair/face/body/ ‘ugly English accent’, yeah you guys I can totally do without. Then again, my staunch defenders varunasing and eveningnightshade (no, I have no idea who they are)  do make me smile, and they always have a nice word to say about my reviews. Best quote, ‘blonde talking tech … kewl’. Yeah, feedback rocks my world.

2. Movable Type crashes

The most frustrating publishing platform in the world likes to crash regularly and upset all my plans/lose my posts and have me tearing my hair out whilst swearing at my computer.

3. Recession anxiety

Shiny Media is a great brand and has a whole array of successful sites, but these are troubling times, and moving to a larger company gives me a lot more security (yes, I know I over-think things).

And three things I’m looking forward to

-Working with great new people (once I get the whole getting to know you jitters out the way).

-Getting to write longer, more in depth features.

-I’ll have a canteen! A canteen, I tells ya!!

Goodbye Shiny Media- you’ve been great!

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Jun 12, 2009 at 5:41 pm

We’re gonna miss you Zsa Zsa! (You also forgot the nickname ZZ Top) I am ten jel of your new canteen btw, there is nothing better than donning a tabard and bitching in the corner for your lunch hour.

Jun 15, 2009 at 11:32 am

Good luck Zara! I hope everything is super at your new job! xxx

Jun 17, 2009 at 2:57 pm

I’m not sure how many different ways I can say to people “boo I’m sad. it’s the end of an era”. I moved on over a year ago now, but would still like everything to stay exactly the same in Shiny towers forever so that I can stop by on a Friday when you’re eating doughnuts and kill time between meetings in town by annoying you all and touching things on your desks.

BUT it is so exciting to meet up now and people don’t automatically know everyone’s news. Looking forward to seeing you around soon.

Zara (yep im a zara too!)
Jun 17, 2009 at 10:05 pm

You wrote the majority of posts on that webpage, im a huge fan of it!….now who is going to update us on latest techy needs on there?! 🙂

Jun 18, 2009 at 7:36 am

Awww Kiss and Makeup won’t be the same without Lady Zsa Zsa at the helm. Looking forward to seeing where you’ll fetch up next. =)



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