Five ‘As Seen on TV’ gadgets that I actually want

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Shopping channels, aren’t they soo not great? They waste valuable airspace trying to tell you how an ‘oxygen infused cream’ is going to melt fat from your thighs, and that using a cheap looking piece of exercise equipment for just five minutes day will change you life. Add to that a carpet fluffer you don’t want, some cheap nasty jewellery that supposedly uesd to cost a zillion and some American accents, and well-FLICK. Yup, you’d have to be really bored to spend anytime watching these channels, and buying something, um no– you realize they CHARGE like £1.80 a minute for you to call and order??

However amongst the huge, HUGE pile of dross do exist some gadgets that look like they might be worth the P&P cost, and here are five I think would come in very handy (or maybe they’ve just suckered me in).

The 360 Degree fold out mirror, $40 from Get Organized

Genius! This solves the whole ‘is the back of my hair straight’ issue, and it’s also detachable so you can pop it in your purse and travel with it.


The Cell charging shelf- only $7 to keep you from tripping over wires

Yes, I’m sure I could make this myself. Yes, I could ALSO put my phone somewhere out the way so I wouldn’t end up cursing daily,and no I’m not going to because frankly, I’m far to lazy and this  is very cheap. Shame about the international shipping costs though


Airo dry £69.99 from JML

Useful when your socks get wet on the way to work.. but microwaving them might work just as well and take up far less space. I kinda want to try this though…


The Shower Shaving Shelf, a.k.a the Elevease, $29.99

Now why didn’t I think of this first? It’s such a simple idea, yet it would be sooo useful- a stick on ledge for the sower to raise your leg up so you don’t have to experience the water in the eye syndrome as you try and manoeuvre razor and gel simultaneously in the confined shower space. No more balancing precariously on one leg, or contorting yourself into a Cirque du Soliel act, woop!


Babyliss Body Toner Massager, £13.42 (currently from Bid TV)

Will this work? Unlikely. Am I prepared to waste an hour convincing myself it does? Yes, probably. Will it then sit gathering dust and dirt in my laundry bag for the conceivable future? Most likely.Do I still want to try it? Well, kind of. The £7  P&P is all that’s putting me off right now…

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