Five kitchen gadgets to bring out your inner Martha Stewart

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Now I don’t really cook much. My time in the kitchen is generally spent microwaving/washing or kettling (not sure that’s a verb) various hot drinks. Despite my goal of learning just ONE new dish this year I’ve yet to prepare anything other than chilli and stir-fry, and as much I’d like to convince myself instant couscous counts as a dish, I know I’d be laughed out of home ed if I tried to pull that.

But forget about my woeful endeavours on the culinary front, and be prepared to be wowed by these kitchen aids- which are all cool enough to stop me buying ready sliced apples.

1. Bagel Guillotine  $19.95 from the As Seen On TV Guys


Now this takes me back, all the way to 2004 and the lovely UCLA dining halls (also known as paradise incarnate). One of these would always be on hand along with a selection of bagels (granary, wholemeal, you name it) and  a choice of spreads. One simply had to slice it firmly, a’la Henry V and then the auto-toaster would do all the hard work whilst you deliberated over marmite or peanut butter- or both.

2. The Pineapple Corer, £12.99 from IWOOT


I’ve never gone hands on with one of these, but seeing as I spend an inordinate amount of cash buying the cubed variety, I’m thinking it might be nice to venture out and have something fresh. Sure, you could cut it with a knife, but there would be messy bits left over and the cool factor would be seriously diminished. See- it comes out in a swirl- awesome!

CuisinArt Soup maker £140 from September


Now I’m a serious soup fan- be it hot or cold outside there’s nothing better than a big bowl of the Covent Garden Spicy Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato soup. Red pepper, tomato, the list of soups I like goes on, and I’ll pretty much EAT ANY, minus the mushroom varieties. I’ve been planning to learn how to make these for a while, and then along comes a gadget which takes all the skill hassle out of it. Four blending speeds will whip even the hardest of vegetables int a lovely puree and start to finish, you’ll be ready to eat in 20 minutes. Mmmm.

Apple slicer £4.86 from Amazon


Who doesn’t love those little apple bags you get in supermarkets? They’re so easy to pop into you bag, tasty to eat, and the fact that they’re sliced up and child friendly means that you can even get them in McDonalds! Problem is, repeated eating can be a little hefty on the wallet, so it might be a good idea to *gasp* cut them up yourself. This tool makes it ultra easy to chop and apple in one fell swoop- but cleaning can be a bit of a pain.

Frozen Yogurt machine £4874 eBay


My love of fro-yo has been well documented as I adore everything of this nature. Once again I was spoilt at UCLA as we had a two flavour machine in our dining hall, and in California frozen yogurt shops are very abundant. London is starting to get in on the act with Pinkberry-esque stores opening up, but most go for the healthy, rather than flavour-full variety. Sure, you can buy Ben &Jerry’s fro-yo (Phish Food/Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cherry Garcia) but the cost will mount up. I see this machine as an INVESTMENT- which is the only way I can justify the price of having one in my own home. Not that I own one yet though- the pricetag is still putting me off- though it is in permanent position on my eBay watchlist. Get me one for Xmas eh?


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Sep 11, 2009 at 9:08 pm

I love my apple slicer but haven’t seen that pineapple corer before, thanks for the tip. If you are ever in California or New York you do have to try Pinkberry fro-yo!!

Sep 12, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Hi Tara
I’ve tried Pinkberry, but I actually prefer Tast-D-Lite, I’m all about the superficial flavourings x



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