Samsung release ST550 camera with dual LCD screen for easy self portraiture: Would a mirror have been an easier solution?

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samcamIt’s an all to familiar occurrence- a night out with multiple vodka shots and strange coloured shooters, and you and your mates decide you simply must capture the rather unflattering moment. You squish your heads together, pull a cheesy face and the camera operator/mobile phone holder desperately tilts her arm at an unnatural angle to fit you all in the frame. And snap- you’re blinded by the flash and a head is out of frame. Sound familiar?

Enough practise and you’ll have mastered the art of getting heads in the picture, but angles are still tricky and you may find your look ruined by unfortunate double chins/blinking.

So what’s one to do? Other than risk your precious cam with a total stranger, options have been fairly limited.. till now. Samsung have just released new of two cameras that come with a dual LCD screen- one on the back and ONE ON THE FRONT to make taking that self portrait easier than ever. A timer counts down till the image is taken, or you can switch on the smile shutter mode, which will automatically take a pic whenever you beam at it.

The camera is also equipped with some rather nice features such as 12.1 megapixels with a Schneider Kreuznach lens (all about the lens quality in cameras folks), and a 4.6x optical zoom. Add to that the usual multiple scene options malarkey and a 3.5 inch touchscreen display and you have a pretty decent looking cam on your hands. There’s even HD recording and an HDMI connector on one of the models!

My query is not whether it was a good idea to incorporate two LCD screens- it’s whether it was necessary considering the likely inflated cost. Sure, taking snaps where we’re in shot is useful, but an auto smile shutter combined with drunkenness can still make a bleary image. And if the extra screen adds an extra ¬£100 to the price tag, do we really want it?

There’s currently no price for these models( yet to be released) so it may be uber cheap and I’ll back-pedal furiously, but till that happens, I’m thinking.. why not a mirror on the front?

LG has done it with phones (the Shine and the latest Sony Ericsson Jalou both incorporate mirrors) so why not just stick one on the front, and voila, problem solved. It may not be a techie solution, but it would undoubtedly be lighter on the pockets.. I’m tempted to try some DIY with my trusty Canon tonight. Now where did I put that¬† PVA glue…

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