Demeter fragrances finds the recession helping sales of ‘Baby Powder’ and ‘Dirt’ perfumes

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Beloved of drama queens and divas who like to walk on the wild side, Demeter fragrances are known for being kooky. Think of their scents as Comme des Garcons perfumes for the tween market and you’ll understand what I mean. You’d think their novelty range of fragrances would suffer in a recession, but it seems the very culture of doom and gloom is infusing their customers with a need for quirk and lightheartedness.

At the moment they’re not readily available in the UK, but their library of over 300 scents is available online and they sell a lot through US drug stores. However they’re adding to their line as they feel the climate is receptive to their unique blend of strange scents. To clarify- their stable includes scents with such names as Play-Doh, Laundromat, Dirt, Rain, Fiery Curry and Funeral Home.

As you can imagine they’re not to everyone’s tastes but there’s something to be said for the sheer amount they produce, and the the wildly inappropriate names and the images they conjure up. Just what would a Redhead in Bed smell like?redheadbed

I say this not as somebody spouting off a press release, but as one who as tried out them myself and enjoyed the peculiar pleasure of  Pure Soap (nice and fresh), Dirt (odd and displeasing) Snow (fresh and clean) and Baby Powder (self-explanatory).

Their expansion aims not only to bring them into more retailers around the country but also to tackle different markets, and they’re focusing (their words not mine) on the hispanic market with fragrances in a La Vida Latina  section called Saguaro Cactus and  Cilantro Flower. Hmm.

I’m not certain that move will pay off, but it’s interesting to see small buinesses thrive, and I welcome ingenuity and creativity. Now, if onl they could name one after me- I’m sure ‘Zara’s Breath’ would go down a treat with buyers of Happy Hour! Enjoy a selection of some of their strangest scents below, and a fun game to play is matching each odd one to a celeb. Spritz of Stable anyone?








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