Barbie releases her inner Bitch

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The idea of the backstabbing blonde girl is hardly an original idea, as the image of the bitchy blonde has been perpetuated in literature spanning the last couple of centuries, from Jane Austen’s Emma to the teenage bitchiness seen in books like Sweet Valley High. The blonde butter-wouldn’t-melt stereotype remains nonetheless (it’s a Madonna thing), with the advent of Barbie’s 50th anniversary seeing the archetypal blonde bimbo adorned in a variety of high couture.

Perhaps it’s time to celebrate Barbie’s inner psyche, and let the world see her true colours? After all, how can you revere something that you don’t truly understand, and though Barbie may be beautiful it’s important to see she’s multi-faceted.

The Altered Barbie collective have created a selection of artworks and still life’s based around the familiar Barbie figurine, which show in her in slightly less Mattel approved positions. All images are displayed annually at the Altered Barbie Exhibit in San Francisco, which draws an eclectic crowd of artists and Barbie fanatics.

The show uses clever imagery to subvert the notion of the Barbie doll, and juxtapose different realities on the iconic figure. I find the following images intriguing,interesting, and ever so slightly disturbing, so applaud them for the creativeness/ inner rage. Either way, you’ll never look at the doll the same way again.

Ladies Night at Golgotha


Boob Job Barbie


Boozin Barbie/ Bulimic Barbie: Maintaining that figure is hard work


Bondage Barbie


Barbie meets Gene Simmonsgene_simmons_begs_barbie

Gumball Barbiekari-harvey-gumball_barbie

Taking playtime to a whole new level


Barbie indulges in some Furry action


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