Entrepreneurs (Google) wave hello to easy eBay money

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Early adopters are keen to get to grips with newest, latest tech on the market, and nothing is more frustrating to these savvy gadget hunters than the object of their desire being put out of their reach. We all suffered frustration with the slow release of the Amazon Kindle into the UK, (as we’ve had to wait two years for this bit of kit) and  Microsoft’s much-loved Zune player is still absent from our shores (though we’re finally getting some of its services on the XBOX).

But what strikes terror in every aspiring technology frontiersman is the idea that other people will have a chance to form opinions before they do, thus meaning the comments sections of Gizmodo and Engadget will look woefully threadbare or filled with noobs.

Invite only software is the plague of this particular crowd, with many a’cursing they didn’t download the beta version of Windows 7 when it was still available. Google Wave is the current must-have-a-play flavour of the month, but seeing as invites are as elusive as an invitation to Amazon Vine, gadgeteers are looking elsewhere to get their fix.

This is where the savvy entrepreneurs come in, placing their coveted invites on eBay and allowing he curiosity and greed of the consumers to fill their pockets. Above the law? Probably. Morally dubious? Most definitely. But then no one is forcing people to purchase these invites, it just illustrates the type of society we live in, where knowledge equals respect and access to knowledge requires cash.


Prices vary quite a lot for invites, as a recent search shows 28 Google Wave invites on offer, with prices ranging from 99p to a Buy it Now of £125. I was also amused to discover that you can also purchase Spotify invites on eBay, but they start at a much more reasonable 59p.

Have I been tempted to buy my way into the Wave? Yes, but I’ve so far resisted. I’d like to say I haven’t bought an invite due to some high minded principle where I believe that those who received them should take part, or that I’m worried that I’ll be ripped off. Whilst both are true to some degree, the main reason is purely down to childish sulkiness- I wasn’t invited to join the party, so I’m not going to play- for now.

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