3D Burlesque: What 3DTV was created for

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‘There are things that you can Not Imagine
There are things that you can Not Tell
There are things you can Only See!’

Chaz Royal, King of the UK burlesque scene, spoke the above  lines in honor to the burlesque world, and how true he is. Naturally, this saying doesn’t just apply to the world of burlesque, as there are so many things which are better experienced in person than read about in books (though Philip Pullman’s film adaptation is glaring example of when the statement is falsified). The idea of 3D burlesque seems like such an obvious pairing you wonder why no one has come up with it earlier. Prior to the recently released Avatar and Up, people were starting to get rather tired of 3D, as though it’s still an exciting innovative way to explore the film genre, the spectacles are unflattering, can tire the eyes, and prices for 3D films are still higher than their 2D equivalent. One was wondering what the huge fuss was about till Avatar came  along and now it seems people are willing to be open minded once more.

CES 2010 (on at the moment) is showcasing a whole range of 3D enabled televisions and related gizmos, but though these  may make viewing easier at home, the content has to be there first. And what better  way to entice people into this medium than jiggling ostrich covered boobs? Saucy titillation seen behind the haze of anaglyph glasses (those that use red and cyan lenses to give you a blurry 3D image) make every sweep of the fan or swing of the tassels that little more risque.


This formula was used successfully last year in the release of the 3D horror film My Bloody Valentine, a film that was notable more for its unnecessary close ups of nude shrieking girls than for the rather lackadaisical slasher attempts by the cloaked villain, yet provided a winning formula as audiences flocked to see the titillation/storyline.

It’s no real surprise when you look at history,as the defining factor that made Blu-ray win the format war over HD-DVD was because it was the main format used by porn distributors, and any Page 3 spread or FHM photoshoot clearly tells you the message that sex still sells today. Porn and 3D are a natural pair up, though one might question just how lifelike you want your material to be, as the dawn of HDTV has meant many stars look less than appealing when seen in 1080p.

This DVD however aims to bring a little more glamour back to the world of stripping, as though it may be erotically minded, its nowhere near as seedy as porn. The DVD features performances by the stars of the UK burlesque scene, featuring fan dances, and sexy stripping to good ol’ fashioned show tunes.

Burlesque Vivo 3D puts style back into 3D and shows that this medium can have class as well as coquettishness. The perfect pairing? I think so.

Yours for around 21 euros here.

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