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freehtcheroMobile manufacturers are getting more creative with the way they lure customers in. Previously deals would include cashback options (and pesky statement sending in on particular dates) or other incentives such as free iPods, TV’s and laptops. True, if you’re getting these freebies, you do tend to pay a premium, by being tied into a longer contract or having a slightly sub-standard handset, but many opt for instant gratification, as a shiny new iPod can assuage many guilty feelings about owning an Android G1.

Well, I’ve just discovered that there are even kookier offers available for new mobile purchases, as now not only can you opt for the lovely Wii’s, XBOX’s and LCD TV’s, you can also choose to get free EXERCISE  EQUIPMENT with your handset. Yes, forget about pocket sized tech, how about a nice cardio machine to complement your shiny new handset?

Whether this is a subtle way of getting people to stay in shape, or an offer that’s related to the January binge and purge cycle, I still find it a rather strange occurrence. On Affordable Mobiles you can opt for a HTC Hero on a 24 month contract with a free exercise bike, V-fit body vibration board, Dr Dre headphones or a shiny new iPod. Hold on a second- yes that’s right, an exercise bike or vibration board (like a budget Power Plate).  Whilst the value of said equipment is similar to what the cost of the iPod would be, these products are a lot bulkier and more likely to end up covered in clothes than used on a regular basis.

So why are these options being offered free with handsets- not the most logical pairing?

Perhaps it’s because these items are seen as unnecessary and whilst mobiles are needed for everyday use, the purchaser might think, ‘Hey, why I don’t I get an exercise bike while I’m at it- always fancied becoming fitter at home’.

Hmm. I’d go for the free Wii option instead I think- more use will come of it!

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