Hair Today, gone tomorrow? Hairdressing salons with dubious names

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It’s difficult for a new hairdresser to come up with a good USP (unique selling point). They can offer massage chairs, miniature TV’s by the basins, and complimentary cocktails, but when you get right down to it you’re handing over cash for someone to wash and cut your hair for around 2 hours. Making this experience pleasurable (where the cocktails come in) is all very well, but you have to get the customer through the door, before they can come back. And there are sooo many salons to choose from at the moment- says there are currently 2520 salons in London alone, and seeing as you’ll probably find a zillion on your local high street, they need to try and hook you fast. Some have gone the freebie route with half price sessions, or ‘Cut ,try and dry’ days, but others have opted for the ‘pun‘ route. Whilst that may work well in Terry Pratchett books, some of the ones I’ve spotted don’t seem to be selling the salon particularly well. It may be funny, but that’s not really what you look for in a stylist is it?

Here are my favourite salon cock-ups

ryan_hair_airRyan Hair
This is funny in two ways, firstly because I have a friend called Ryan who’s extremely vain about his hair, and secondly because the salon is choosing to play on the association of a budget airline, known for uncomfortable seats, long check in times, and oddly timed flights. Who wouldn’t want to get their hair cut there?

plan-bPlan B

I appreciate that not every hairdresser gets it right first time round, so it’s good to have a Plan B- a fallback option for when that radiant red turns traffic light fluorescent, but would you make a repeat visit to a salon called this? I think not. There are also some associations with the morning after pill that make me feel uncomfortable.


Yes, like debonair but not. Clever? Well.. depends on your sense of humour, or lack of.

cons-salonCons beauty salon

Unless you’re a Mitchell brother I can’t think of any reason you’d ever venture inside a salon with this name, quite apart from the fact like it looks like you’d be knifed upon entering.


God Bless hair salon

Forget about my slight distaste at combining cosmetic treatments with religious connotations, does anyone really believe god would make an appearance in Peckham of all places?  Say Mayfair and you might have an unwilling convert. N.B This salon does have a rave review here though.

witches-hut-main-picThe Witches Hut

This salon is going for quirky cool, but my initial assumption is that of an evil witch- all scraggly hair and Baba Yaga nails. OK, they may counter this with a be-witching interior (see what I did there?) but first impressions are hard to change.

beckys curl up and dyeBecky’s Curl Up N Dye

Sometimes a picture just says it all.

the-mane-attractionThe Mane Attraction

Somehow this name makes me think of horses- maybe it’s the rustic wood decor, but I could image show ponies lining up to get bows threaded into their manes.


The Best Little Hair House

If only this was in Vegas- the jokes would be endless!

And just for fun, here are some more pun-tastic names of salons for you to enjoy. I couldn’t find images for these, but the likelihood is they do exist. If you have any suggestions for this list, please leave a comment and link below.

Bangs For The Memories
Grateful Head
One Step A Head
Vertical Clearance
Hair Dot Net
Cut Loose
All Tressed up
Hair to Please
Comb as You Are
Not So Plain Jane’s

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Jan 30, 2010 at 6:38 pm

There is one on Broadway Market called Blade Runner, which is…wait for it…a cut above (just) those on your list.



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