New Year Resolutions: The 2010 version

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A year has passed since I officially started this site, and a lot has changed for me. I’ve moved accommodation 4 times, participated as a judge in three awards, and read a startling number of books on a wide variety of topics. I’ve been to Thailand, and Australia, experienced three weddings and suffered through the mortgage discussions of four of my friends. The statistics on this site have risen from a measly 200 per week to an average of 16000 uniques a month, and the search terms aren’t just pornography (though Peter Andre does come up a fair amount).

Looking back over the year, I realize how far I’ve come, and how my tastes have changed. I’m more ebook obsessed than ever, I’ve become a convert to the Android mobile interface, and I’ve discovered what it feels like to have a fish pedicure (more on that later). I’ve laughed, cried, and lived, and have somehow made it through all the confusing pathways to end up where I am now.

Perusing last years resolutions here I’m happy to realize I’ve completed a fair amount of them, and have decided that this year I’m going to work even harder to accomplish the following list! Annoyingly, some are repeats, as I managed 5 out of the 15, but this year I intend to receive top marks.

1. Work on my novel, and finish first draft by September. I have a title, I have a plot, and I have a vague idea of where it’s all going. More to come when I reach 50,000 words.

2. Visit the gym 150 times. That sounds like a lot, but if you think that the year is 365 days, that’s only around 3 times a week. Everytime I set a fitness goal I tend to fail it, so maybe doing it this way means I can tick it off. For the record, by gym I mean any physical activity that involves sweat (not bowling/ sex obv)and lasts over 40 minutes- so cardio classes/tennis etc can all count as a session.

3. Visit a country I’ve never been to. This was last years resolution and though it was fulfilled, I still want to explore- there are so many places to see and do. On that note, my next point-

4. Do some travel writing. A glossy spread in Conde Nast Traveller could be mine if I actually get off my arse and start pitching.

5. Learn Mandarin. I don’t know why I have the urge to try this, I just think it would be really interesting and challenging, and am sick of feeling language deficient with the many bilinguals that I meet.

6. Learn some hula hoop tricks. Watch out Hoopguy, I intend to be spinning my hoop round my neck before the year is out.

7. Start my own Etsy shop. This wouldn’t be to make a huge amount of cash, more to show off my various bead and wire wrapping skills- and I have dozens of Thai beads now to work with.

8. I was so close to my goal of reading all the Booker novels in 2009, but due to me being cheap (didn’t want to buy new copies of 30 odd books) , I failed that goal. This year I’m going to FINISH reading all the Booker novels (41 in total) and ALSO read all the Mann Booker novels- a prize awarded by the same body to international authors. This should hopefully expand my reading horizons, and I’ll start using libraries again, so will get them all.

9. ( An exact copy of last years goal, as I regret not doing this. I did actually buy the 1p flight- somewhere remote in Sweden- but circumstances meant I couldn’t make the most of it, 1.99total including the bank charges).

Buy a Ryanair 1p flight and then party in whatever godforsaken village it drops me off in, without attempting to drive 100 miles to the main town.

10. Go to a ballet. Preferably something classical, but wouldn’t say no to Matthew Bourne production.

11. Wear something every day that makes me smile.

12. Get my CBT- If I can ride a moped with a passenger round the curving roads of Thailand, weaving in and out from chicken stands and drunk drivers, this should be a doddle.

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