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Overeating is an unfortunate but natural side effect of food tasting so DARN Good. Seriously, if that plate of fish and chips before you tasted like you were exhuming the contents of a tramps mildewing sock then you wouldn’t be guzzling so much down. Scientists, doctors and people trying to make a fast buck have come up with various solutions for the overeating endemic that’s making most of our teenagers aspirational American  citizens (broad stereotyping, I know) but aside from a couple of questionable products (Sensa sprinkles that you drop on your food to make it taste less moreish and the Alli pill that makes you poop out the extra fat) no one has yet solved this crisis. A worldwide ban of sugar might help, but till then, we need to learn to control ourselves and have a little more sense when making food choices.

The Mandometer aims to do just that, as it’s an electronic scale that you place your plate of food on.  The plate plots how quickly the food is reduced from the plate, and aims to train you to eat slower and savour each mouthful. This makes you more aware of how much you’re eating and should help you realize when you’re full.

Of course, this doesn’t solve the fast food problem, or the food-on-the-move issue, but it should mean that your average meal is appreciated a little more. The Mandometer machine records and stores data about every meal eaten and lets you build up a picture about your mealtime. It can also add and record data such as calorie content and food nutrition, and will calculate what’s average to eat for the individual. It will even question you WHILST eating- asking you to slow down, or if you’ve had enough at a meal sitting.

Naturally this machine will be useless if you work in an office (imagine the embarrassment) or even having cool dinners, but training yourself this way once or twice a day could be a great way to reinterpret portion sizes. Cutting even a small amount of calories from the diet can be beneficial and this should hopefully aid one in that goal.

Sadly, due to its clunky nature and fussy looks I can’t see this talking off worldwide, as though it may be a great tool in addressing obesity, the average over eater is going to steer clear of anything that cumbersome. How would one truly integrate the Mandometer into every day life? Celebs have their own life-size version (also known as the personal trainer/chef) but the average Joe on the street can’t afford that.

The idea is that we all act as our own personal Mandometers, regulating our intake and eating enough to sustain one rather than many. But if we could do that we wouldn’t need one would we?  Oh, the humanity.

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