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I love a good Japanese beauty gadget, as they have pioneered some of the strangest products in the world. The Beau Bust Roller is the latest in a  long line up of uncomfortable looking products designed to help you increase your bust size. Forget about Wonderbra’s and chicken fillets, this is an electronic breast stimulator which is designed to be rolled across the boobs. This torturous looking device is designed to react with a gel used across the area, and together this machine is meant to promote growth and firmness.

Quite apart from thefact that the BODY DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT, it looks like it would be pretty painful as well. I’m not sure how desperate you would have to be to invest in one of these, but it would have to be verging on insane, as not only is this unlikely to make any difference, it’s also pricey and fricking HUGE- you couldn’t just leave it lying around the room!  Get it for $116 from the Japan Trend Shop.

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May 10, 2010 at 4:37 am

I live in Jp, and I haven’t seen this product in stores (yet), but I agree! it DOES look painful D: People outside of Jp would be overwhelmed with the multitude of different ways women here try to increase their bust size XD



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