Creative Grooming :The USA takes dog shows to a whole new level of crazy

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{National Velvet was a tad confused at the latest foal to hit the stables}

Now I don’t know too much about beauty pageants per se, my main experience is relying on the fact that I’ve watched way to many ‘Next Top Model’s, and at 17 years old was Runner Up Carnival Queen for the London Borough of Barnet. I lost the crown due to the fact that I naively said my favourite food was ‘Pizza Hut!’ (hey, I was 17) when the event was sponsored by McDonalds, but I have some idea of the intricacies of the judging process, and the hoops you go through to try and get their attention.


Pet shows have always been a bit of an odd event, as unless it’s something like dressage for horses, it seems to boil down to ‘My dog is better than yours’, cue lots of shine spray and ribbons. Fair enough if you do it sensibly, the dogs won’t mind being pampered, and everyone likes a trophy, but the world of Creative Grooming is so far removed from reality that I can’t decide if it’s villainous, voyueristic or simply vacuous.

Creative Grooming is the art of dressing up your pet to LOOK LIKE ANOTHER ANIMAL and they don’t do this with cute little kitten ear hats or drawn on whiskers, I’m talking full on body dye and weird shavings!! And now it’s here in the UK…

See, this is what I would have thought Creative Grooming would look like-

dog-bumblebeeBut no. No, 100 times over. That’s real fur colour you can see! And he looks relaxed, with all his own facial hair. Not up to CG standards at all!

Here’s how it should be done:


I’ve found the personal website for one such canine- Cindy is her name- and here’s what her owner says.

‘For those who are overly concerned about the dogs emotions. Cindy loves the attention. She will prance around and expects your attention. This is a Creative Grooming Contest and Cindy will look like this for only a few hours. After the contest Cindy will be shaved’

colour-paw-applique-5The next date for the big Groom Expo is set for September in Pennsylvania but this odd phenomena has actually crossed the pond now! Many Brits are getting involved in creative grooming competitions and adorning their mutts with hair extensions and nail varnish in order to compete. You can buy ‘doggy approved ‘ varnish here (£4.95 a bottle), Colour Paw appliques which.. actually I’ll let the blurb speak for itself.

‘The Colour Paw Appliqués are a fashionable pack of nail stickers that would look good on any female dog. They can be peeled off and stuck on the nail with or without polish and then can easily be removed whenever you wish to. Each pack contains four sheets of floral themed stickers so you won’t run out in a hurry.These Colour Paw Appliqués are a great new product for people who want their dog to look their best. ‘

Couldn’t have put it better myself. It seems like they run a UK competition every month, and this is still just scratching the service of strangeness. I’ve seen pictures of poodles looking like cats, turtles and Pacman, and it is all very entertaining. It’s not so much that I’m worried about the health of the dogs (OK, the nail varnish worries me slightly) more the sanity of those who partake.. and then those who run these shows. Surely someone should be taking care of them?

Till that time, I’ll leave you with even more entertaining pictures of Creative Grooming.




Captain Jack is still sexy as a canine!


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Jul 17, 2010 at 1:16 am

Wow. I mean, wow. It does live up to the name, doesn’t it? You’ve got to admire the creativity involved in a way. But in another way, you kind of have to wonder about people’s sanity. And these dogs (in disguise) do not exactly look delirious to me.

Feb 29, 2012 at 5:48 pm

wow how mean to put all of that paint on those poor dogs!!

Feb 29, 2012 at 5:54 pm

:O 🙁 :p :S :X

Nov 13, 2012 at 12:53 am

Niesamowite 🙂



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