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There are many, many filesharing sites out there, from the infamous Pirate Bay to the smaller but equally popular BTJunkie and Isohunt. They provide users with a great many options, but sometimes the sheer amount of files they have can be a little overwhelming. This is where Karaoke-World comes in, a dedicated filesharing site that ONLY features Karaoke torrents!

You may wonder whether there is a need for this service, and that is debatable, but considering the continued popularity of games like SingStar on gaming consoles, and public karaoke bars such as Lucky Voice and K-Box, I do think the demand is growing. Shows like Glee and X-Factor put the idea of Karaoke style singing right onto the front page of the newspapers, and if you enjoy this activity you’ll probably want to know more about the recently launched Karaoke-World.


The site requires you to register before you can access the torrents and you can do so here. The registration process is really simple, and they only require basic information such as a working email and your date of birth-which you can lie about if you wish. Once registered you can see a dashboard of the site which lets you select from option such as games, staff, torrents, top 10s, etc. Some of the design is a little sketchy, such as the fact that they use a lot of white text, which isn’t always readable. They do have a rather nifty bonus point scheme, where you collect points for everything you upload and when you get to a certain amount you get faster downloading speeds and kudos from other members. Currently the site has 999 members,  1206 torrents and 3115 seeders.

The navigation is pretty confusing as if you go to ‘All Torrents’ you’re lost in a maze of unclickcable torrents that you can’t access, though you can view a bewildering amount of Karaoke seeds, such as French Karaoke, Laughing Gnome Karaoke and Filipino Karaoke. Yes, I’m as amused as you are.

You can also view a list of the top ten countries, and the UK is firmly in the lead of uploaders, which either means we’re crazed Karaokeholics, or that we’re fans of the .co.uk address. The USA are second, and third place goes to the Canadians. I would go into detail about the tracks that are being offered, but I really have no idea whether they’re quality Karaoke tunes or not, not being down with the latest lingo in this field.

I like the idea of the site, and though it’s not perfect, it’s clearly designed to become a large community, as the creators have implemented a ‘User Blogs’ section, as well as an intricate Forum page. Change some of the layout, add some better colourways and they could have a hit on their hands. Personally I’m holding out for a filesharing site that only does science fiction, so I can get my Dollhouse and Caprica fix without having to wade through handicam copies of the latest Blockbuster movie.

Check out Karaoke World here.


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