Top Ten Horrible Halloween Costumes

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I was recently reading the MomFinds article about the worst ways to dress your kids for Halloween, and it got me thinking about the many different costumes people wear on Halloween. The holiday has morphed from being a Wiccan celebration to a chance for girls to exude sluttiness under the cover of a costume, and the many outfits on sale reflect this.  However, there are also many outfits available that lack any form of style or sexiness, and I wonder just what’s behind the thought that went into that design process. The worrying thing is that they’re all available for purchase- which means someone actually buys them. Gulp. Here are the top ten most horrible Halloween costumes I could find.

rabbi-baby-costumeRabbi Baby Bunting Costume

Do you want  your baby to grow up to be a Rabbi? Here’s how to get them on that holy path, with an outfit that includes the famous hat and curly payot.


Spongebob Squarepants Costume

When did someone think that dressing up like one of the most unattractive cartoons on TV was a good idea? I can’t stand the show and this outfit makes me feel queasy. What’s even worse its that the outfit is trying to be sexy, which is wrong in so many ways (hello, it’s a kids show?), and that it also fails in that attempt.


Doll Box Costume

No, this isn’t the packaging for some new style of Barbie, it’s an actual COSTUME where you can parade around looking like you belong on the shelf of Toys’R’Us. An occupational hazard would be being confused for a life size sex doll. Nice.

french-maid-dogFrench Maid Dog Costume

I don’t know whether dogs celebrate Halloween, but I also don’t know anyone who would feel the need to have their pooch dress as a French Maid. Maybe some Paris Hilton wannabe thought it would be fun for her pet to match her outfit, but I think this is plain cruel.. and depressing.


The Toilet Costume

This costume is clearly a joke, so I’ll give it some slack, but it’s also pretty bizarre. What was the thought process for buying this? ‘Hey guys- take a dump on me! No, mentally of course, I’m making a statement about how society is wasteful and how people get dismissed out of hand and-‘ Really? Or are you just an adult with the type of juvenile mindset that loves poop jokes?


Toothbrush Costume

Clearly dressing like a tube of Fluroide on crack is the way to get people to brush twice daily.


Anna Rexia Costume

On one hand, this is a girl in a skeleton outfit. On the other, the dress is called ‘Anna Rexia’ and is a horrible heads up to eating disorders. Eww.


Glam Rock Guitar

Well, this is one way to show people you’re a true groupie. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we see this outfit on the X-Factor.


Pink Poodle Costume

The kid in the picture does look fairly adorable, but I have to draw an issue with the very concept of the outfit. A poodle? A pink poodle? Does this mean you view your kid as nothing more than an accessory? Shame on you. And FYI, it’s not a very convincing poodle either.


Sesame Street Big Bird

Another kids TV character all grown up and trying to be sexy. I don’t know who would willingly buy and wear this Halloween costume, and I sure don’t want to meet them.

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