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The web is a great place isn’t it? Full of a zillion billion sites spouting off on every topic from gardening to gorilla hunting. We all have our favourite daily bookmarks that we check within five minutes of starting work (and you really thought we were checking that account status-c’mon!) which vary, but often include Facebook, ASOS, The Guardian, Gizmodo, Go Fug Yourself.. or a variation on these.

What do you do when you want something new though- bored of the usual celeb/gadgets/shopping stories? You could spend hours trawling through really rubbish sites in the hopes of unearthing a gem, or you could just read through my list of sites that I enjoy checking out. I’ve tried to avoid the usual ‘seven great sites’ in this list, and that’s why you will find the likes of Passive Aggressive Notes, Cake Wrecks and Awkward Family Photos AWOL.

In no special order, here are seven great websites for you to enjoy.

The Oatmeal (excerpt above)

This site brought you quality posts such as ‘If you do this in an email I hate you‘ and ‘How Twilight Works’. It’s written and drawn by a talented 27 year old web developer called Matthew Inman, and is updated every couple of days. There are also quizzes to do and stuff to buy, if you have extra time. It’s very pertinent and always funny.

testx-from-last-nightTexts From Last Night

Ever send a silly text when you’re buzzed, and regret it the next day? Now that cringeworthy text can be shared with millions, and people can rate your words for quality online. Texts from Last Nights is a collation of user generated texts that are submitted, and voted on by users.

Gems include ones such as ‘Hey welcome to Rick’s drunk text tree. Rick is drunk right now please respond with “shut up” to remove your name from this list. Thanks for playing,‘ and ‘There are going to be so many Snookis this Halloween that I might just dress as the guy that hit her and punch them all in the face’.

white-people-likeStuff White People Like

The name of the site may sound like an awful racist slur, but it manages to counteract this impression by being very, very funny. Number 132 -Picking their own fruit, made me giggle as this excerpt felt very true.

‘When white people harvests a crop it’s known as “berry picking” or “pick your own fruit.”  Under these conditions, white people are expected to work leisurely with no real expectations and then they pay for the privilege to do so. In other words, berry picking is the agricultural equivalent to a private liberal arts college. It’s no surprise white people like it, because much like a liberal arts degree it feels like you’ve done real work when you really haven’t.

Of course the easiest way to turn a profit with this information would be to start your own fruit picking farm. But that is only looking at the small picture. It is well established that all white people enjoy doing manual labor under watered down and expensive conditions. So, if you are currently working in a job that requires intensive amounts of work, you should consider using that work space to create what is essentially an adult daycare for white people who would like to spend an afternoon learning how to use a loom or pretending to be a construction worker.’

Other things involve Bob Marley, Conan O Brien, Ray Ban sunglasses, Asian Girls and The World Cup.


Sexy A Level Results

This site may have not been updated since the summer, but remains funny nonetheless. It looks at how newspapers like to illustrate results with young, jumping beauties, and how they suggest that all A-Level takers are girls. Fingers crossed for next year?


Funny or Die

Death isn’t actually a side effect of not liking this website, but if you find zero of the content funny you may want to check for a pulse. I like the way they split the4 site into ‘Words, Pictures and Video, as not everyone can get away with being RickRolled at work. Some of their recent great work include Six things Clarissa didn’t explain at all, Trees that look like genitals and Things that shouldn’t be wearing hamburgers. Be prepared to recognize where all those email forward chains originated.

web-slangInternet Slang

Ever wondered what GTHBA or NQR meant? (Good Times Had By All and Not quite right  BTW). No? Well won’t you feel cool putting some of these terms in your texts/emails now then? This site is huuuge and so comprehensive, and has words I’d never even heard of, let alone knew that I wanted to use. Hours will pass, and letters will roll when you log on.

bookofawesome3d1000 Awesome things

There are so many great things in life, so I LOVE that there is a blog that celebrates this. I really like number 405– when someone pronounces your name right on the first try, as this rarely happens for me, and I love it when it does. Other great things include finding clean undies when you think you’re out, catching the ice cream truck and discovering a short cut on the way home. There is hope for humanity after all! (Oh, and a book you can buy as well).

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