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We all know that password security is important- you only have to read the Daily Mail/ Gizmodo to know that hackers are rife, and all keen to get their greedy geeky hands on your hard earned cash. A lot of research has been done on what passwords are repeatedly used- even though people should know better. To up the security ante many companies have created pretty looking infographics to stress the importance of good security online. Here are a couple of my favourites for you to enjoy.

Code Breaking Graphic

I love how this divides up passwords into groups- and just what they suggest the likes of teens, douches and geeks might use. Love how they’ve decided that a ‘princess’ password is from a douche, whilst it’s acceptable for a teen to opt for ‘ihatemylife’. Maybe it’s an American thing?

[From CXO]


Securing yourself from a world of hackers

A divinely detailed analysis which gives tips on how to create strong passwords and specs on how they should be arranged.[From Smashing Apps]


Identity theft and password security

Super cute graphics and info about how hackers crack a password. [from Technologies Blog]


The Gawker password leak

Who can forget how red faced the Gawker network (think Gizmodo, Jezebel, etc) went when they got hacked and passwords got revealed? These are the 20 most common ones used by the Gawker users- who really should know better.

[Image source]

So what have we learnt here? There are many graphic designers with too much time on their hands, and a few tips for creating secure passwords:

  1. Use an eight letter password.
  2. Use an uppercase letter as well as a lowercase letter.
  3. Include a number in your password.
  4. Don’t try and be clever- trustno1 for example.
  5. Avoid names of children/pets/birthdays.
  6. No linear passwords- 1234 or abcd or 66666.

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