Audio Armchairs are La-Z-Boys for rock chicks

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Concept Shed might sound like a brand that just creates cool looking prototypes and drawings and never delivers, but that’s not the case. The funky looking Audio Armchair you see above is a fully working model that you can purchase, albeit for an undisclosed price- probably custom made from their Cornwall headquarters ( a UK brand- w00t!).

I don’t have a huge a mount of info about the Audio Armchairs, but the picture really does speak for itself- an elegant looking chair in a deliciously bright colour. There are three shades (as far as I know), called lemon, aubergine and tangerine, and all are 100% leather. They look like they’d be amazingly comfy and squashy to sit in, and speakers are hidden in the wings of the chair. There’s also a seat sensor (perhaps so it turns on when you sit down?) a built in MP3 player and it’s completely button less, so I guess you alter the volume by leaning in the seat.

I like how they have reworked the classic Chesterfield armchair to make it highly modern and desirable, and if I had a spare windfall lying around I know I’d be calling up Concept Shed and ordering a pair (in aubergine, naturally).

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