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I’ve always found the Disney Princesses fascinating. Each has their own distinct story- generally that of emotional hardship and lack of physical freedom, and each of them manages to rise above their situations and find peace and love. Sure, all of them seem to need a man to do so, but the happy ever after tale is one that’s repeated throughout books and films, so it’s understandable in that context. The Disney Princesses seem to have it all- the looks, the power and yet they remain unfulfilled till they find love.  First love can be tricky though, as the Princesses have never dated so don’t understand how romance can become stale, or what’s needed to make a marriage work. Will there still be singing and fairy godmothers in the happy ever after?

Thinking on this topic reminded me of a feature I’d seen in the Times a few years ago. It took me a while to remember the name of the artist (stupid brain) but when I finally worked out it was Dina Goldstein the images were every but as good as I remembered. Dina took the Disney Princess premise and translated it into ‘happily never after’, all the various life choices that may have befallen the famous frocked ones- and where they might have enede up. She adds some gritty reality to Disney, and I love how playful her photots are- even when they show harsh realities.

Take Princess Jasmine for example- she may have got her Prince, but war in the Middle East means she can’t rest easy. Snow White has to contend with handling many children and lazy husband, whilst Pocahontas becomes a crazy cat lady. This series of photographs really doesn’t age, and seems as timeless as the movies themselves. Check out the rest of the Fallen Princesses project (and more) below.



Little (once upon a time) Red Riding Hood

Princess and the Pea

Dina Goldstein isn’t the only artist to capture fallen Disney Princesses- I’m also quite in love with the series by Giselle Natassia, which shows Princesses gone to seed. She has taken this premise and put her own spin on it, and her captions of the photos are so entertaining, that I’m going to pretty much leave them as they are for you to enjoy.

Princess Ariel was transformed into a human by Triton, but as Triton aged the spell suffered, and Ariel became a fish/human hybrid and is now subjected to science experimentation.

Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora now suffers from insomnia. With the curse lifted, she now finds she can’t get to sleep at all. Soon she becomes addicted to sleeping pills.

Snow White is suffering from after effects of living with seven men, and has contracted Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.(A prolific disease which attacks the immune system and can be contracted through unprotected sexual intercourse)

Hopefully this hasn’t ruined the Disney Princesses for you, bur broadened your expectations of them and their singalong ideals. Who’s your favourite Princess- and who would you have liked to see more of?

See some more great Fallen Princesses images here and work from Giselle Natassia here.

[Please note, the photo of Ariel is by Giselle Natassia]



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Camilla Peffer
Aug 5, 2011 at 2:01 pm

Wow, what a super cool concept. I really wish someone would create a movie adaptation of these images – Twilight has really done a number on young girls everywhere. Love is an amazingly killer feeling, but dude’s aren’t the be all and end all, and rarely do they save the day.
I can totally see Belle as a dependent Stockholm Synrome victim, singing away to herself locked in a dungeon.

Aug 10, 2011 at 6:10 pm

Hey I’m Giselle (the one featured here) someone linked me to your blog, the other photographers images are awesome! Hilarious we took similar(ish) takes on some of them! ..Jasmine etc , I love her non-disney ones of rapunzel and princess and the pea too! Thank you for featuring me 🙂

Aug 10, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Hi Giselle,

I love what you did- the Disney Princesses have always fascinated me and your images were beautiful. Keep up the amazing work!, Cheers, Zara


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