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In a break from normal posts, I’m going to share with you my favourite YouTube videos of the week. Regular readers will be very aware of my short attention span, and I fully believe the following are worth watching in their entirety.

Drop Test of the iPhone 4S vs the Samsung Galaxy S2

The last thing you’d want to do with the iPhone 4S is drop it face down, but the Electronic Breaks guys do just this- and test out the damage on a Samsung Galaxy S2 as well. Which fares better- watch and find out! I love that this was created by a phone insurance company– smart move on their part as this video has gone viral.

Breaking the News: A Tom Scott Video

Two guys, budget day in the UK and a goal to get into the background of as many TV news slots as possible. Created by Tom Scott who is my latest geek crush- comedy genius.

Jennifer Garner gets owned by Conan O’Brien

Who says celebrities are smart? Jennifer Garner gets red faced when Conan picks her up on her vocabulary. Could be faked, but the reaction seems genuine enough.

Taylor Swift Rockin All Nite Long video by Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading is my new guilty pleasure as they dub the words perfectly in time to the music. Love this track- the words are pretty nonsensical, but seem to make random pop world sense- fave phrases are ‘You’re acting like a dumb girl going off’ , and ‘You ask for cinnamon and that’s just what you got’.

Sally Draper, Child Psychologist to the Stars

Sally Draper is wise beyond her Mad Men years, and here she counsels Hollywood actors on how to mend their lives.

I’d love to know what funny videos you’ve watched lately- let me know in the comments below!

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