Star Wars R2D2 eye makeup for geek girls

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I’ve written about beautiful and creative eye makeup before on AlmostZara- notably the amazing Disney designs by Katie Alves, but I just stumbled across ANOTHER ¬†artist whose work definitely needs a closer look. Jangsara is the name of the creator (and model) of the featured Star Wars R2D2 eye makeup, and she’s not a trained makeup artist, just a passionate fan with super blending skills.

Her blog covers a gamut of beauty related topics from product reviews to swatches of new items, but it’s her tutorials that draw me in- and she’s a geek girl after my own heart. As well as the usual blending smokey eye stuff you get on so many blogs, she has a LARGE section dedicated to recreating makeup from all types of science fiction movies, including Star Wars and the many characters from the Avengers movies- Thor to Captain America!

Here you can see a closer look of the Avengers movie makeup– I think her interpretations are spot on, especially Captain America!

Here’s a peek at her Effie Trinket look (from the Hunger Games!)

I’d love to see Jangsara to do some more geek makeup work, and wonder who’ll be next on her hit list? Fingers crossed she’ll have a retro phase and we’ll get to see the likes of Mario and Crash Bandicoot on her eyelids!

Read her blog and tutorials on Makeup Your JangsaraРprepare to be seriously awed at her talent!

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