Seven delicious looking DSLR bags that don’t scream “Rob Me”

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minkoff camra bag

I’ve been brushing up on my DSLR skills lately, and have been taking some really cool shots of NYC and Miami events. Case in point; Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The issue I’ve been having – and yes this is totally a girl thing- is that I really dislike the ‘standard’ one size fits all DSLR carry-case that came with my Canon T4i. Sure, it’s protective and useful and has roomy pockets, but it screams, “Hey, something in here is really expensive, come take me,” as well as generally looking boxy and bulky. It’s not love.

I’m on a quest to find a stylish supportive DSLR bag that can comfortably fit my camera, the charger,  plus a small microphone and potentially even an extra lens. My search has revealed a large dearth in this marketplace, a wide range of unflattering styles that I wouldn’t be seen dead in. There’s also a weird array of bags with the pinkification problem (I want a nice bag for a girl, not bag for a vomiting Barbie) and some that are so MASSIVE I’d need to wear heels to be seen when carrying them.

I’ve now narrowed down my DSLR bag choice to a shortlist of sweet styles, and I’m going to share them with you. Mostly because I’ve done so much research It shouldn’t go to waste, and also because I’m totally open to suggestions and inout from people who have used these/ and/or know of other ones.

Here are the seven loveliest looking DSLR bags I have found on my hunt for a pretty bag.

rebecca craig

The Rebecca Minkoff Camera Bag

This is lust. Pure, pure lust. Everything from the color-ways to the contrast straps to the neat button pouch make me love this bag. With this comes a price tag (wince) that hurts, but hey, the bag is REAL leather so you have longevity and it can also double as a small tote when your camera is at home. There are two versions, The Collin Bag which is slightly smaller and boxier and the Craig camera bag which is a little roomier and has extra pockets. Downsides of this bag is the lack of extra ‘space’ to keep wires, SD cards and more, Upsides are that it’s a fashionista’s dream and it looks NOTHING like a camera bag.

Get these for $195-$295

the palma

 The Palma Bag from ONA Bags

Made from leather, this bag combines boxy satchel stylings with a little retro glamor. I like the look of the slightly burnished leather and the inside is a cameraphile’s wet dream, padded, with room for a camera body and  2 lenses, plus a front pocket that can fit an iPad.

onabags palma inside

It’s a functional bag, but it still manages to look stylish and the shape of it makes me think this would be very durable.

Get it for $319 here

vangoddy canera bag review

The VanGoddy Camera bag

The Vangoddy camera bag DOES look like a camera bag, so minus points for that. However, size wise it’s great for holding a camera and everything else you need, from lenses to wires etc. I like the inside zip pocket and the quick access style is useful when shooting on the move. Not so much of a fan of the “SD card” webbing as it feels a little insecure and I worry about my gear there.

Price though is amazing, and the bag doesn’t feel cheap. I also like that it’s a traditional camera bag WITH extra colors as it stands out in a sea of black.

Disclaimer: I actually purchased this, and can attest to its style etc. from experience. Get it for $21.99 here.


Lo and Sons the Claremont

There’s something very Brooklyn about this bag, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it the neutral color, the slightly rounded form factor, or the long cross-body strap? I don’t know, but if you have a moustache or ironic glasses this would definitely fit in well.

ona bag dslrScreen Shot 2013-07-19 at 12.05.34 AM

Big enough to fit a wide variety of cameras, with room for a lens, the inside is quilted to add protection and the nappa leather is softened to make it a comfortable fit. Two pockets for memory cards make it handy, and a back zipper pocket lets you store everyday accessories.

Get it for $300 here

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.22.14 AM

Kelly Moore camera bags

Kelly Moore was a new discovery to me and it was hard to pick from her variety of camera bag offerings. I narrowed it down to the Kelly Moore Riva and the Kelly Moore Posey as both offered slightly different wonderfulness. The Kelley Moore Riva is smaller, and has a cute mini form factor. It fits a camera, and has an inside zip pocket for cards, as well as a padded adjustable divider. I like the finish of the bag- the antique-y feel to the buckle is super cute.

kelly moore posey bag

The Kelly Moore Posey has a slightly different feel to it, being a cross between a student binder and a carrycase. It has a cool folding mechanism that ets you tote it like you would a clutch and the fold down handle expands when you have more stuff you need to keep inside it. There are also LOADS of color choices, from orange to red and aqua!

Get the Riva bag for $149 and the Posey bag for $169 here.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.28.30 AM

Coggles Leather camera bag

This bag s super cute, and continues my trend of picking bags that are way out of my DSLR budget. Seriously, lenses before style, right? However I really do like the boxy style of this bag and the side pockets look perfect for storing all my extra gear, from cables to extra batteries.

coggles pink bag camera

Inside there are two dividers to help compartmentalize all your bits, and the leather looks incrediby sturdy, and well made.

Get it for $260 here

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