The Rise of The Sparkly Stoner

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Bongs, babes and blunts are part of cannabis’ heritage, but with weed gaining in popularity with young millennials, what’s the sparkle-loving stoner to do? It’s easy to find pipes decorated with skulls, but what about girlie greenies?

The lack of appropriately pretty cannabis accessories was the inspiration for 26-year-old Madison Alvarez’s creation of Miss Mary Jane Co., a store that caters to the “blunt bae.” We’re talking pipes adorned with lipstick kisses, Hello Kitty rigs (for doing weed dabs) complete with glass red bows, martini-glass-shaped rigs garnished with glowing green olives, and a bright yellow Smokemon spoon with the tagline “Gotta smoke ’em all!” (That’s a Pokemon reference, if you weren’t clear.)

“Hello Kitty has been a part of my life since I was a little girl,” Alvarez says. “How can someone not smile when they see [this]?” The pop culture influences are everywhere, from the pastel colors to the rig designed to look like Adventure Time’s Finn. Plus, an adorable necklace dabber that resembles a pink Sharpie.

… from marijuana belly studs to neon leggings and themed T-shirts, many with slogans like “Marley Barbie” …

Alvarez moved from Vermont to Colorado during the early stages of cannabis legalization in the state, and she enjoyed the active stoner lifestyle: music, snowboarding, attending Cannabis Cups. But she started noticing the lack of women’s presence in the fashion and accessories that related to her passion — it seemed like an area ripe for change. Working with her boyfriend, Alvarez created a brand that catered to her style, with tools she’d like to use and clothes she’d want to wear.

In addition to smoking implements, Alvarez focused on cannabis couture — from marijuana belly studs to neon leggings and themed T-shirts, many with slogans like “Marley Barbie” ($24.99) and “Let’s Sesh” emblazoned on the front. She also focused on featuring products created by women, such as the Crushed Opal Unicorn rig ($1,999) by glass designer Amy Likes Fire, and cute nail decals of cannabis leaves and buzzing bees.

Miss mary Jane weed company

Alvarez hopes that as pot legalization progresses, more people will perceive cannabis as something positive and a lifestyle choice. She also hopes that more women will be taking roles in their community — an area still dominated by men. “There is a void to be filled,” she says.

But perhaps not in the gear and style departments. Cannabis industry attorney and Consult Canna consultant Rob Hunt says that though cannabis professionals have started looking at the needs of their female customers, many are focusing on creating alternative consumption methods, such as edibles and salves. And they’re targeting a 30-to-50-year-old demographic. Miss Mary Jane’s focus on the cute and sparkly caters to a niche market, which may leave Alvarez out cold.

But a blunt bae doesn’t take no for an answer, and Alvarez’s slogan of “Empowering women who love cannabis to ‘look good and smoke good!’ ” is one we can all take to heart, whatever our predilections might be.


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