Celebrities combine in the Iconatomy portrait series

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The public fascination with celebrity existed long before reality TV ever existed, with icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn referenced time and time again. Those that have endured through the decades will find themselves being doubly immortalized in George Chamoun’s work, as the young designer has chosen to amalgamate composites of modern and classic icons in his beautiful photographs.  Taking two images of different stars, he painstakingly creates a composite that displays both at the same time. I’m very taken with the way that Twilight star Robert Pattinson has been blended with James Dean, and Scarlet Johansson/ Marilyn Monroe is a striking picture.

The focus of this work about the idealization of beauty through the ages and the relation with it in anatomy. The ‘Iconatomy’ works feature some of today’s most famous celebs, and  all images used have not been altered in anyway- just a lot of searching on the work of the artist for the perfect portrait shot. The collage shots are so cleverly created that it’s hard to see where one starts and begins, and there’s something very impressive about these images. Read more…

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Why Bridesmaids the Movie does not deserve five stars

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‘Bridesmaids is brilliant!’, said Zoe Williams from The Guardian . ‘Its set-piece scenes retain a charming spontaneity far from the usual contrivances of studio comedies,’ said Jason Solomons (also for The Guardian). ‘Bridesmaids is a terrifically funny, smart and tender ensemble comedy ‘, says Peter Bradshaw, in a full hat trick for The Guardian and the David Edwards from The Mirror echoes this with ‘Beg, steal or borrow, just make sure you get to see this film.’ Either it was an incredibly slow week at The Guardian head office, or all three writers genuinely loved the film and thought it was worth adding their tuppence to the film section.

Even taking a fairly jaded view of all the sources (the Times agrees, but it sits behind a paywall) I figured the film should still be quite fun. Taking it as an an archetypal ‘Hangover for her’ jaunt (their words, not mine), I figured I’d get some laughs, some sweetness and an overall sense of female bonding and friendship. I love a good chick flick, and with praise oozing from every broadsheet in Britain I thought that Bridesmaids would have to be something fairly special. It failed however- failed rather spectacularly.

The majority of chick flicks have fairly shaky premises- awkward girl likes unsuitable guy, gets good guy after she grows and realizes they’re better- cue awkward contrived situations to that effect anyways. The movie Bridesmaids was meant to shake up this traditional formula, and take a feminist step forward, a refreshing view where women were happy flying solo, and where friendship was valued above all.

To be fair, so some extent this did occur, with the frazzled Annie hysterical over her best friends nuptials and acting out because of the presumed loss. There was high jinks, there was comedy moments, there was absolutely unfucking unbelievable moments of toddler style behaviour from the adults, that would justifiable get Annie banned from that wedding and any wedding ever. Like, no forgiveness, no sweet reconciliation scene, just lawyers, a big bill and restraining order.  This mental behaviour was blamed on the jealousy Annie felt towards Lillian’s new friend Helen- who is richer, prettier, oozing glamour and confidence (think stereotypical country club girl with pearls and a line in bodycon workwear).

Naturally Annie decided to hate her, and Helen’s competitive friendship one-upness didn’t help their relationship. Destroying the cake at the wedding shower and throwing things over was not the best or sanest way to demonstrate Annie’s hatred, but this public display of insanity and cruelty (doing this at her friends wedding shower!) was sort of shrugged away– oh isn’t she kooky/cute. Read more…

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Twelve Embarrassing Royal Wedding product tie ins

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The Royal Wedding is almost upon us and Kate Middleton will soon be exchanging her surname for ‘Windsor’ or Mr and Mrs Prince William. Whether you’re a staunch royalist or find the whole things a waste of time, there’s one thing you won’t be able to avoid. Well, two things actually if you count people’s opinions on the subject.

The second unavoidable occurrence of this wedding is the HUGE amount of tat that will be sold in conjunction, with everyone eager to make sure they have got their eBay fill worth of products. Coaster, tea towels, all the usual tat will be rolled out, but amongst those spectacularly undesirable pieces of merchandise (Kate and William coaster anyone?) is the truly overwhelming in terms of relevance to the subject matter. You can’t blame companies for wanting to get some of the moolah that will be floating around, but these Royal Wedding tie ins are truly embarrassing.

fairyweddingKate the Royal Wedding Fairy

This is a book about a fairy called Kate, who is a royal wedding fairy was created by Daisy Meadows. It’s the latest in the line of Fairy books she has written, but though the words ‘sell out;’ are never mentioned, this particular fairy isn’t quite the same as ‘Emma the Easter fairy’ or her ‘Florence the Friendship fairy’ books.

The story descriptions is as follows: ‘Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy makes sure that all weddings are happy and magical! But when mean Jack Frost steals the True Love Crown, the Fairyland royal wedding is sure to be a disaster. Can Kirsty and Rachel find the crown so the royal couple will live happily ever after…? I wonder what the name of the Royal Prince is?

Kiss Me Kate Beer

Castle Rock Brewery have created a limited edition Royal Wedding beer called ‘Kiss me Kate. I actually find this idea rather cute, as we Brits do love our booze, I just find the pink label and hearts decorating it a little sickly. It will be available on draught and from Morrisons stores during April. The head brewer says, ‘Kiss Me Kate will be elegant, tasteful and British to the core.  It’ll be brewed to 5%, pale in colour and, we’re sure it’ll be the ideal way to toast the couple’s future happiness’. Not that Ms Middleton would ever drink beer though, I reckon she’s a white wine spritzer kind of girl. Find out more from Castle Rock Brewery here. Read more…

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The Top 20 Celebrities that will boost website traffic

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Increase traffic to your website

Increase traffic to your website

There are many websites available in the world. They’re written for all sorts of reasons, from personal blogs about life, to huge commercial sites that sell cars, laptops and everything else. From how to sites to gossip sites the web is filled with a huge amount of content, and very single writer hopes that their site will  be visited, and the content they create will be read by people.

How do you stand out in a world full of other sites offering similar content? Good writing is one way, as poor sites tend to not get return traffic, but sometimes great writing is not enough. You have to be clever with the web, and this means using certain key phrases and keywords in your text and working within the parameters of Google search terms to help your site get indexed and boost its pagerank. It isn’t cheating- after all, what point is a great site which never gets viewed?

Don’t kid yourself that you don’t care about how many people you reach- if you’re on the web you want to be seen, if you don’t, well go get a diary. I could talk for hours about ways to boost traffic to your site, from optimizing images to putting in meta tags, and even expand on the much whispered ‘Black Hat SEO’, but I won’t. Why? Well, for most people that stuff that is too complicated or unnecessary for them. If you’re not a commercial company it’s unlikely you’ll have the time or the resources to implement many of those tips, so I’m concentrating on what you can work with and how to do it*. The simplest, easiest way to boost traffic to your website is to mention celebrities. Yes, that’s right, those people who spend their living floating from party to party and occasionally appearing in a film/show/underwear.

Writing about them on your site will actually help increase traffic, and whilst you may still protest that traffic isn’t your only aim, there’s something rather lovely about seeing your unique visitors counter go up, and getting comments on your articles. I’m not suggesting you write about them willy nilly- use them if something they have done you find interesting or you think of a comment about them that you want to share to your audience. Not all celebrities are born equal however, so even with this you need to focus your energy on a select few- and they’re not always the ones you might initially think of. Using my many years of working online, analyzing Google Analytics and other tracking services as well as assessing what names are most SEO friendly I have compiled a list of the top twenty celebrities that will help boost traffic to your website.**

Here is my list of the celebrities that I find help boost website traffic in the UK. They are in no particular order.

victoria_beckhamVictoria Beckham

This Spice Girl has grown up to be so much more than a Wannabe- she’s part of the UK’s biggest power couple, has her own clothing range and Mrs Beckham is very noted for her fashion sense and love of Birkin handbags. Read more…

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Behind the scenes with Sara Blonstein at London Fashion Week 2010

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sara-blonsteinA disused vault filled with rat droppings and crumbling masonry may have put some people off, but Sara Blonstein saw only the potential of the space. The ‘Dead House’ vaults are located under Somerset House and had remained disused for many years, with the walls featuring gravestones of people who had come to rest there. To turn this rather grotty looking cavern into a space worthy of hosting London’s fashion elite was a monumental task, but something Sara saw as a challenge. ‘My first thoughts were, ‘Oh my god- what a natural catwalk!’ she said, and the space is now firmly established as the venue to be at LFW, hosting the Fashion East show.

I went backstage with Sara to see how things worked behind the scenes, and with a show scheduled to start at 1pm, we had an early start of 7am. Her crew were already hard at work, prepping the stage area, planning security and going over the music, and it was intriguing to get a sense of how something like the show is created, as there’s far more than just aesthetics involved. Sara swept in, a vision in a leopard print coat and pink lipstick. Read more…

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The Top Five Teenage beauty blunders that are making a comeback

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My teenage days were spent wistfully perusing the counters at Boots, with barely enough money to scrape together the required 99p for a Collection 2000 lippie. I lived in lime green eyeshadow (oh the shame), sprayed Sun-In on my hair and had horrible encounters with the Silkymit and maxipads. Thankfully my beauty routine has progressed considerably (as has my budget) but there are still lessons to be learnt from the beauty blunders that occurred in those days of yore.

In fact many of the mishaps made when I was younger could now be considered cutting edge trends– and I’ll show you how to create them for yourself. Best of all, as they all pay homage to youthful errors, they’re pretty light on the bank balance.


Stripes of hair colour

I’m not sure if it was the fault of Geri Halliwell or the launch of all those coloured mascaras but I know that I desperately wanted to have streaks of purple and pink in my hair when I was young. I did try- but those mascara never worked that well, leaving the hair gritty and feeling rather lank. Once I was in my twenties hair streaks were strictly of the highlighted kind as pink shimmering sections weren’t really suitable for my career path. However, thanks to the likes of Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss and some of the recent catwalk shows, streaks are being taken more seriously, and in a sweet whimsical way. If you’re brave enough you could go for the colour block option seen on the runway at the Alexis Mabille show, but a more wearable look is simply adding streaks to the hair. La Moss went all the way and actually dyed in gray strands as highlights throughout, whilst Olsen’s take on this trend was more of a sugar plum fairy effect, with light wefts of baby blue and lilac. If you’re not brave enough to dye just yet, try clip-ins to give you more confidence, like these good quality ones from Hot Hair here. (only £2.95). Read more…

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Step under my Umbrella-ella ella : Brollies to make Rihanna smile

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I hate the rain and the cold. Whilst other people love taking their plastic off their winter coats and unfurling last years leather gloves, I cover up in blankets and big slippers whilst chain drinking hot chocolate and coffee. I’m not a fan of rain, drizzle or waking up with my breath crystallized in front of me, and no matter how cute I look in knee high socks I’m 100% in the summer camp. Pretty brollies are my only consolation for months of downpour, and here are my favourites. Read more…

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