Food Design exhibition encourages you to play with your food

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Growing up I was always told not to play with my food, a lesson that clearly wasn’t drummed home to the artists involved in the International Food Design Society exhibition. They created an exhibit which used food as the basis of exciting and innovative artworks, everything from edible coffee cups to a skintight bird feeding suit to let you get all Mary Poppins with pigeons.

I like the thinking behind the event, as food shouldn’t be something static which is consumed- let’s evolve the edible! Why not have chocolate jewellery for diabetics or sugar stirrers (oh wait, we have those).

This exhibition was show in London last month, and saw a collective of artists worldwide get together and display their best pieces. I’m in love with the ‘cheese sharpener’ (see bottom image) which easily allows you to add artistic cheese garnishes to your food with minimum effort. Other cool ideas were shown- isn’t the chocolate calorie counter cool? Pull off a piece of choccie and the calories are (scarily) inscribed upon the slice- it’s a whole new way to think about portion control.


The Human Bird Feeder Outfit

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The Air Sex World Championships : Yes, really

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There are many, many strange things that exist in the world. Hey, it’s all healthy expression right, whether you like yodelling on weekends or stalking people with leg casts (abasiophilia). I’d just about got my head around the concept of Air Guitar and its related championship events when I heard about the Air Sex World Championships, which is basically Air Guitar without the guitar and with people, well, you get the idea.

The thing I find odd is how seriously people take this sport, with forums upon forums of practise tips, video ideas, etc- culminating in a massive event that takes place in Texas. Read more…



Seriously Cool Film to Musical Adaptations (real and wished for)

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The UK may have a thriving art scene, endless museums, and a monarchy that makes most of us cringe (but draws in the tourists), but when it comes to theatre we’re wofeully behind the USA in terms of output and creativity. We recently acquired the Legally Blonde Musical- a show which has been playing in Broadway for years, and unsurprisingly it was a resounding success. But why did we have to wait so long fro this import? Whyyyyy? I don’t have the answer, but I can share with you some other equally exciting shows that we will be getting.. well, some time this century.

The Addams family Musical

This sounds amazing.. I can just imagine Fester’s rumbling tones as he watches the kids do a ghoulish dance, and watching Wednesday rhyme words with boiled heads in song should truly be something. Currently on Broadway now, with no UK date set.

Shrek the Musical

The jolly green Ogre is coming to our shores, with the pallid faced Amanda Holden taking upon the role of his lovely Princess Fiona. Richard Blackwood will be playing Donkey and this fantastical  event is scheduled for May 2011. I’m counting down the days… Read more…

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