The future of 3D is all about the glasses

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As a journalist I get asked all too frequently what I think of this ‘3D rubbish’. The statement is then normally qualified with ‘well, I know it takes a lot in the box office,’ and then I’m looked at expectantly like I’m suddenly going to drop some amazing secret or share my wisdom on what the next big thing to replace the ‘3D phenomena’ is.

I got rather sick of trying to explain that 3D probably wasn’t going anywhere and that the main reason people get frustrated by 3D was the WAY they had to view it, as both anaglyph and active shutter glasses require -you got it, glasses. Then there are the EXTREMELY PRICEY TV’s that require no specs, but hey, you can only view them from a really small field of vision, so that’s not too helpful now.

Having given this topic a rather huge amount of thought, I’ve now come up with what I feel is a reasonable, if vaguely Matrixy conclusion.

It’s the glasses folks. It’s not about replacing them, it’s about creating some which become so essential to everyday life that they’re part of the shower and shave routine- wake, teeth, glasses, breakfast.

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3D Burlesque: What 3DTV was created for

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‘There are things that you can Not Imagine
There are things that you can Not Tell
There are things you can Only See!’

Chaz Royal, King of the UK burlesque scene, spoke the above  lines in honor to the burlesque world, and how true he is. Naturally, this saying doesn’t just apply to the world of burlesque, as there are so many things which are better experienced in person than read about in books (though Philip Pullman’s film adaptation is glaring example of when the statement is falsified). The idea of 3D burlesque seems like such an obvious pairing you wonder why no one has come up with it earlier. Prior to the recently released Avatar and Up, people were starting to get rather tired of 3D, as though it’s still an exciting innovative way to explore the film genre, the spectacles are unflattering, can tire the eyes, and prices for 3D films are still higher than their 2D equivalent. One was wondering what the huge fuss was about till Avatar came  along and now it seems people are willing to be open minded once more.

CES 2010 (on at the moment) is showcasing a whole range of 3D enabled televisions and related gizmos, but though these  may make viewing easier at home, the content has to be there first. And what better  way to entice people into this medium than jiggling ostrich covered boobs? Saucy titillation seen behind the haze of anaglyph glasses (those that use red and cyan lenses to give you a blurry 3D image) make every sweep of the fan or swing of the tassels that little more risque. Read more…

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