Top Five Strange tactics for Beauty salons: Novelty sells…

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Everyone likes a little bit of pampering in their life, and the beauty salon industry is more than happy to take the cash off weary people.  How do you make yourself stand out in the ever crowded industry though? You can offer salty snacks, complimentary massages- or you can go the novelty route and get the punters in for the weird and wacky treatments you offer. This is the route the following beauty salons have taken, and they’re certainly quirky enough to get me intrigued. What say you- snake massage or sauna in a tram?

Tram Sauna

Created from an actual tram, this sauna is based in Milan and lets visitors enjoy a relaxing time out with the views of the countryside around them. It was created by QC Termemilano (spa designers) to show how ‘relaxing’ travelling can be. I’m guessing they’ve never battled the Northern Line at 8am then…

snake-massageSnake Massage

Those with a reptile phobia look away now, those with gothy tendencies, please sit up and get out your pen. The Ada Barak Snake Spa in Israel seem to think that snakes can provide you with a relaxing downtime experience, that soothes away your stresses. Personally, I think I’d find it hard to let go, but what do I know? Read more…

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