Same Height Party Shoes puts you all on the same level

Posted by admin on Jun 7, 2012 in random, style

When talking to people it’s suggested you approach them at their level, which means shorter women teeter on heels and men crouch down awkwardly for a heartfelt one to one. Eye contact is constantly recommended as a way to assert yourself and bond with people, and artist Hans Hemmert seems to have taken this option and run with it.. into the realms of surreal territory! Welcome to Same Height Parties where guests pick footwear based on their height, and everyone stands at an even 2 metres.

This is a quirky way of addressing the notion of how first impressions are made, as any height related impressions are now read from the floor, rather than their head. Apart from the fact that venue spaces are going to need high ceilings and tables require stilts (so drinks can be reached), this idea has a lot of promise, and minimal props are needed to effect it. Read more…

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