London Tube Map of world languages

Posted by admin on Feb 8, 2012 in geekery, random, travel

I’ve decided that I’d like to expand my language skills in 2012 and have been considering the various options on offer. I’ve been really keen to take up Mandarin or Japanese for some time now, but want to make sure the language I learn is going be useful for me- and get used by me!

During my research into the type of courses I want to take I came across this London Tube Language map and was so impressed/amused by it that I just had to share it (you can click to enlarge it). What this map does is map out the most common languages in the world- but it also MAPS out where they are spoken which is pretty awesome. By looking at the different tube zones (helpfully subdivided into regions of the world) I can look at which ┬átube lines (which correspond to spoken languages) go there, and thus decide on what I’d like to study in terms of where I see myself living and travelling over the next couple of years. Read more…

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