Shoe-shoop be doop : What do graffiti artists and hairdressers have in common?

Posted by admin on Sep 20, 2009 in news, style

So many heels, so little time. In the last couple of weeks I’ve discovered a couple of brands I’ve never heard of before, and my PayPal account has been getting sadder and sadder. Whilst I’ve long since been an advocate of Steve Madden shoes (thankfully now on our shores) and have a penchant for New Look and River Island footwear (well priced, long lasting and bizarrely comfortable) I’m always a sucker for something shiny and new. These shoes stray away from the norm as they all bring something a little different to the footwear scene, and manage to be unique without becoming unwearable or overly gimmicky. [And in answer to the above question- they’re all shoe designers!]




Rakish  Heels

What’s better than one great shoe? Two great shoes (and no, I don’t just mean a pair). Rakish Heels have a range of shoes and boots which have removable heels, so you can change the design of your shoe to match you outfit or your mood, Clever and effective, and also quite stunning.¬† Read more…

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