Shoe shaped shenanigans

Posted by admin on Apr 24, 2010 in lists, style

I like shoes. Who doesn’t like shoes? I defy anyone to say they actively hate the things, as after all, they’re well shaped items of apparel that protect your feet from the cold, the ground, and all sorts of bugs. Loving shoes is another matter, entirely, and as someone who once spent her months rent on buying a beautiful pair of shoes that were THREE SIZES TO SMALL I can attest that love isn’t always logical or necessarily sane. However my love for footwear has grown, and equally my hatred of feet (as I’ve said- love is not a logical being).

I adore a sleek curved heel, I go gaga over colour block shoes and extra applique,  and the right embellishments can literally can make me swoon. Due to a recent cull of old shoes, I’m now down to around 40. Whilst browsing for my shoe fix online I came across a large number of lovely shoe related products that would not suffer wear and tear like the casual stiletto and I’m now considering what kind of loan I’d need to purchase the below (Joke. Sort of.) After all, why should you celebrate shoes on the feet alone- the design works equally well for home furnishings or crockery! Enjoy the following ( I know I did).

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