Top Five Strange tactics for Beauty salons: Novelty sells…

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Everyone likes a little bit of pampering in their life, and the beauty salon industry is more than happy to take the cash off weary people.  How do you make yourself stand out in the ever crowded industry though? You can offer salty snacks, complimentary massages- or you can go the novelty route and get the punters in for the weird and wacky treatments you offer. This is the route the following beauty salons have taken, and they’re certainly quirky enough to get me intrigued. What say you- snake massage or sauna in a tram?

Tram Sauna

Created from an actual tram, this sauna is based in Milan and lets visitors enjoy a relaxing time out with the views of the countryside around them. It was created by QC Termemilano (spa designers) to show how ‘relaxing’ travelling can be. I’m guessing they’ve never battled the Northern Line at 8am then…

snake-massageSnake Massage

Those with a reptile phobia look away now, those with gothy tendencies, please sit up and get out your pen. The Ada Barak Snake Spa in Israel seem to think that snakes can provide you with a relaxing downtime experience, that soothes away your stresses. Personally, I think I’d find it hard to let go, but what do I know? Read more…

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The Top Ten Strange Beauty Trends of 2010

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We’re used to the beauty world being a tad out there (hey, we embraced Lady GaGa with open arms), but we tend to err on the side of accessibility when it comes to our products. We may like our mascaras innovative, but we want to actually be able to USE them, so having a wand that was 2cm high would be pretty useless. Well, that’s what you’d think anyway- but 2010 has proved the exception to this beauty rule. Welcome to a world where products are so pretty you can’t use them, and where hairdressing goes virtual. Here’s my guide to the top ten strangest beauty trends of 2010.

Lipsticks you can’t actually use

Makeup has always been considered an art form, with many people collecting new releases with the fervour they once assigned to the sticker books of their youth. Even though you may treasure those limited edition palettes, they still get some use- and then along came the new Paul and Joe lipsticks, Available in three shades (and a not to be sniffed at £16 from ASOS) they are so pretty and artistic that they stop being functional. Do you have it in your heart to destroy that cute kitty head? I don’t.. so that’s my money wasted then.  Makeup is beautiful but it should also be functional, so let’s see a return to that- please?

models-own-gold-rushNail Varnishes you can’t afford

There’s a certain luxury element to a lot of beauty purchases, with many brands deliberately setting a high price point so seem more aspirational. You have expensive though- and then you get ridiculous. Models Own, a brand known for their wallet friendly nail range joined d=forces with Frost of London ( a posh Bond Street store) to create a Gold Leaf polish that costs £83,000. Yes, all those zeroes were correct. The varnish is made to order, so they don’t have loads of bottles sitting around, and they’ve released it as a bit of a PR stunt- pushing you towards the £5 ready to wear version of this expensive bottle. Still, you have to wonder, is this going to be a trend we see more of? I really hope not. Read more…

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