The darling books of June/July

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Another two months, another rather random selection of books under my belt- some of which have greatly troubled the boyfriend (see image above). I’m 5 books closer to finishing all the Booker novels (yippee!) and have read a startling amount of vampire themed kids books as well, which tie in quite nicely with watching Season One of True Blood. In no particular order, here are the latest on my literary adventures.

Night World, two anthologies by L.J.Smith

The first rule of fight club is that nobody talks about fight club, and the same principle applies even more closely to the Night World – where a mere mention of it means death to all. Think shadowy creatures of the night such as Vampires, witches ‘n werewolves ,  who lead a  supernatural existence  feeding off vermin (humans), but what happens when the rule of silence is broken- for love of vermin? The theme may be repetitive in the genre AND the books, but the prose is fast paced and easy to read, and written in a lighthearted yet compelling manner. I remember reading some of these when I was younger, and quite like how they’ve re-jacketed the book- very spooky- more angst ridden Harry Potter reader than a whimsical magic loving ten year old. Read more…

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The latest on my literary path: A strange mix of chick lit and childrens books

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The last couple of months have seen me whittle down my Booker Novels list even further and resort to reading lowbrow kiddie books when I’ve run out of novels. My office bookshelf has been firmly raided (we’re on a Penguin Kids  and chick-lit mailing list) and I’ve been working my way through a variety of novels featuring boarding school, magic and vampires- and often all three. Who said children books were predictable? Read the short summaries here!

We need to talk about Kevin, Lionel Shriver

Dark, depressing and delicious, a book that you can’t help but adore despite yourself.

How the Light gets in by M.J Hyland

Gifted but troubled Australian sixteen year old heads to the USA on an exchange programme. Her disaffection and alienation slowly blight her relationship with her host family, and we get so see the prejudices of both nations exposed under a harsh light, with a side helping of alcoholism.

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