Ten Embarrassing childhood crushes that used to adorn my bedroom walls

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We all have some embarrassing skeletons from our childhood, and the ones that used to be plastered all over our walls are a good reminder of how far we’ve come. Here are the childhood crushes that make me blush- feel free to share yours!


Number 1: Zack Morris a.k.a Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Zack Morris was my reason to get up early every Sunday morning. His goofy smile, gorgeous blonde locks and cute quiff made Saved by the Bell a riveting watch, and I grew up wishing I could be Kelly so I could take him in my arms. I could forgive him anything, even his rather stupid name, and the fact that his acting skills never quite matched up to the perfection of his face. At 35 he’s now kinda off the radar, but I’ll always have a soft spot for him.. and that great theme tune!


Number 2: Joshua Jackson as Pacey

Everyone else may have fancied the over eloquent Dawson, but I thought there was something much more appealing about the troubled Pacey. He smouldered as tall dark and cheeky and I wanted to take him and tame him!


Number 3: Peter Andre

This is a verrry embarrassing crush, especially considering what he’s now become (Mr Katie Price), but when I was twelve he was my teenage fantasy, and I’d hum the song Mysterious Girl till it gave me a headache. Oh Pete…


Number 4: Dieter Brummer as Shane from Home and Away

It may be this mans fault that a generation of boys grew up with curtains in their faces, but at the time Dieter was the epitome of everything manly.


Number 5: James Marsters as Spike from Buffy

Is it sad that I’m not really ashamed of this crush?If you’d seen Spike morph from sadistic bad guy, to killer with a heart, to singer (in the epic never to be forgotten Once More With Feeling) you’ll know just what I mean. I still heart you my lovely.


Number 6: Aladdin

OK, I’m sure you ALL have a cartoon character in your past that you were slightly enamoured with. Boys, just think about how soulful Belle’s eyes were, or did you secretly covet the little mermaid?? Anyways I thought Aladdin had the most beautiful voice and was a lot sexier when he was bare chested, as a princeling he didn’t do that much for me. Hmm. So I’m attracted to illustrated beggars rather than princes.. let’s not go there now OK?


Number 7: Leonardo DiCaprio

Ok, what girl DIDN’T swoon after him once they’d watched Romeo and Juliet? You know you all spent twenty minutes before bed licking his picture and writing Zara DiCaprio in swirly handwriting…


Number 8: Stephen Gately from Boyzone

Yes, I now realize he’s gay. At the time I was quite taken with his floppy hair and deep eyes, and really adored the ultra generic, ‘Don’t love me for fun girl, let me be the one girl…’ hey, his poster came as a pull out in Girl Talk magazine! It was either him on the wall or the cat in the watering can.


Number 9: Elijah Wood after watching Flipper

He had such beautiful baby blues and amazing hair that I just knew he’d grow up to be a Hobbit (OK, that was a lie).


Number 10: Scott Wolf as Bailey in Party of Five

Yes, everyone from that show has gone on to be very successful, but I always had a soft spot for Bailey.

So there you have it, the ten most adored men from my childhood, who I now wouldn’t touch with bargepole ( with the possible exception of Leo and James though). So it seems my taste runs to baby faced men with floppy hair and a slightly gay air. I’m sure I’ve grown out of that now..hopefully.


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