Step under my Umbrella-ella ella : Brollies to make Rihanna smile

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I hate the rain and the cold. Whilst other people love taking their plastic off their winter coats and unfurling last years leather gloves, I cover up in blankets and big slippers whilst chain drinking hot chocolate and coffee. I’m not a fan of rain, drizzle or waking up with my breath crystallized in front of me, and no matter how cute I look in knee high socks I’m 100% in the summer camp. Pretty brollies are my only consolation for months of downpour, and here are my favourites.

1. Lulu Guinness Cameo Frame Umbrella, £25

2.Rihanna 2 tone walking length, £24.99 from Totes

3.Lulu Guinness Birdcage brollie,£28 from Brollie galore

4. Pagoda Signature Bella Umbrella, £89.99 from Brollie Galore

5.Fairisle Umbrella, £8 New Look


1.Sky Umbrella $35 from the Spoon Sisters

2.Rain Parade Umbrellas, $32 from Fred Flare

3. Twilight Umbrella, £24.99 from IWOOT

4. Fuck the Rain, $37.14 from Artlebedev

Lovely aren’t they? Even if the F**k the Rain brollie feel slightly inappropriate with a kid stood beneath it. Almost pretty enough to make me wish I wasn’t spending the next three weeks on a beach in Thailand.

Yes, that’s right- ALMOST!

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