Musings on Museums: Hidden treasures for home decor heaven!

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Due to the fact that I’ll soon be the proud rentee of a one bed flat all to myself, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with home furnishings of late. Whether it’s fantastic chandeliers, wall stickers or even those weirdly rounded IKEA rugs everyone seems to have, they’re all somehow on my radar. One place I never expected to find seriously stylish products was museums though, as my idea of gift shops tended to verge towards staid postcards of Victorian women, or the multicoloured marbles you find at the Science Museum.  A recent trip round some the Museum of London disabused me of this notion however, as amongst the myriads of ugly tea towels and books that will remain sealed on coffee tables forever lay a treasure trove of accessories. From lovely lamps to cool furniture, museums seem to be the untapped destination for quirky furnishings, and there are even geeky treasures too!

Here are my favourites.


The Museum of London has some seriously desirable decor, and I’m really bowled over by their great coffee table cum street sign mashup. Their throw pillows and ironic tea towels are also pretty sweet.

sciencemuseumdecorThe Science Museum

As expected, this venue provides a plethora of gadgety accoutrement’s and I’m very enamoured with the LEGO Dynamo lamp and the matching boombox.  Heck, even their light switches are cute!


The Imperial War Museum’s Online Shop is host to a great selection of goodies, from retro posters to Marmite crockery (oh my) and their retro styled radio hits all the right buttons (and plays MP3’s).


Naturally the MOMA store is chock full of delights for the domestic goddess, and it’s hard to decide just which pieces I’d purchase. Sure the exchange rate isn’t quite good enough to let me factor in a trip to the USA to buy all of this, but that cracked eggshell style lamp (you need to crack it to use it!) is so hard to say no to.


The Victoria and Albert Museum

Ahh, the V&A. Everything from hanger shaped mirrors to ceramic ornamental guns can be your here.. uh..if you really want them. They do have a nice accessory section though. Who’d have thought they’d come bottom of this list?

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