Seriously Cool Film to Musical Adaptations (real and wished for)

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The UK may have a thriving art scene, endless museums, and a monarchy that makes most of us cringe (but draws in the tourists), but when it comes to theatre we’re wofeully behind the USA in terms of output and creativity. We recently acquired the Legally Blonde Musical- a show which has been playing in Broadway for years, and unsurprisingly it was a resounding success. But why did we have to wait so long fro this import? Whyyyyy? I don’t have the answer, but I can share with you some other equally exciting shows that we will be getting.. well, some time this century.

The Addams family Musical

This sounds amazing.. I can just imagine Fester’s rumbling tones as he watches the kids do a ghoulish dance, and watching Wednesday rhyme words with boiled heads in song should truly be something. Currently on Broadway now, with no UK date set.

Shrek the Musical

The jolly green Ogre is coming to our shores, with the pallid faced Amanda Holden taking upon the role of his lovely Princess Fiona. Richard Blackwood will be playing Donkey and this fantastical ¬†event is scheduled for May 2011. I’m counting down the days…

The Little Mermaid

This show has recently finished playing on Broadway, so Ariel fans can hope this means the show may be going transatlantic.. pretty please? Sadly it looks like those ice skating mermaids are still out of reach as the Disney site lists no dates for the next show. Sigh.

American Idiot! The Green day Musical


We’ve had the vocal outpourings of Abba (Dancing Queen) Michael Jackson (Thriller!), Queen (We Will Rock You) and now it looks like Green Day are the next to have a turn with toe tapping songs and choreography. American Idiot is about young stupid Americans searching for meaning after 9/11 and finding it in song. Bleurgh. Sill, it looks energetic, and I do actually like Green Day’s music, so as long as the scrip doesn’t make you want to shoot in your own head, his could be something good. No UK date as yet.

Elf: The Musical


Remember that godawful Will Ferrell movie about an elf placed with a ‘real family’ due to his height and who had to find his way back to Santa? I’ve steamcleaned most of it from my memory vaults due to the dire nature of its content and cheesy jokes, but this is soon to be inflicted on unsuspecting humans once more, as a Musical version is scheduled for November. In the USA, thankfully.

spideymusicalSpiderman: Turn off the Dark

Marvel has given its blessing to immortalizing the web slinger on stage, and in the very short future you’ll be able to see Reeve Carney trapped in ¬†lycra bodysuit, with Evan Rachel-Wood as the feisty Mary-Jane. Music is by Bono and The Edge and it looks like the show is almost ready to get already underway. Will you be going?

And here are the shows that I’d really like to see on the stage:

Bridget Jones’ Diary: The Musical Version

Just imagine, an hour and a half diatribe of Bridget’s love affair withe scales and fighting scenes. Every thing’s so much better when you’re saying it in song, right?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Either an in depth adaptation of the whole show (NOT the film) or a staged portrayal of the musical Buffy episode, ‘Once more with Feeling’.

American Pie: The Musical

Add some nostalgia for those 90’s movies, mix in a Tara Reid -so she can she get her career back- and throw in some lewd songs about MILFs, pies and sex talk and I think you’d have a hit on your hands.

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