The iida Light Pool Mobile: A true contender for the prettiest phone prize

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The iPhone has long held the crown as the prettiest Mobile on the market. Its slick curves, glossy screen and its pretty display of apps make it ultra desirable for every style hunter. It tends to be pretty much unrivalled in the style stakes- till now! What you see above you is a real life handset- NOT a concept model and is currently available to buy in Aisa.

It’s called the iida Light Pool phone and is more than just a pretty face. The phone may not be quite smartphone calibre, but it isn’t short of specs. You’re getting an 8 megapixel CMOS camera, a built in USB connector, expandable memory to 16GB, and a 3.2 inch TFT screen. The device has a flip phone design and has the rather rare (for Brits) inclusion of a digital TV receiver, so you can get you fave show on the go. What really intrigues me is the ethereal looking ¬†diamond shaped LED’s that coat the outside of the phone. What are they there for- and what do they do? Read on to find out!


Well, there are a total of 22 LED lights embedded withing the handset that light up and gently pulse in rhythm when you get a call or a text message. There are 100 different patterns that it can run through and the lights are also used to signify what time of day it is, by shimmering on the hour.

Try and get it here– if you can navigate the Japanese site!


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