The Top 20 Celebrities that will boost website traffic

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Increase traffic to your website

Increase traffic to your website

There are many websites available in the world. They’re written for all sorts of reasons, from personal blogs about life, to huge commercial sites that sell cars, laptops and everything else. From how to sites to gossip sites the web is filled with a huge amount of content, and very single writer hopes that their site will  be visited, and the content they create will be read by people.

How do you stand out in a world full of other sites offering similar content? Good writing is one way, as poor sites tend to not get return traffic, but sometimes great writing is not enough. You have to be clever with the web, and this means using certain key phrases and keywords in your text and working within the parameters of Google search terms to help your site get indexed and boost its pagerank. It isn’t cheating- after all, what point is a great site which never gets viewed?

Don’t kid yourself that you don’t care about how many people you reach- if you’re on the web you want to be seen, if you don’t, well go get a diary. I could talk for hours about ways to boost traffic to your site, from optimizing images to putting in meta tags, and even expand on the much whispered ‘Black Hat SEO’, but I won’t. Why? Well, for most people that stuff that is too complicated or unnecessary for them. If you’re not a commercial company it’s unlikely you’ll have the time or the resources to implement many of those tips, so I’m concentrating on what you can work with and how to do it*. The simplest, easiest way to boost traffic to your website is to mention celebrities. Yes, that’s right, those people who spend their living floating from party to party and occasionally appearing in a film/show/underwear.

Writing about them on your site will actually help increase traffic, and whilst you may still protest that traffic isn’t your only aim, there’s something rather lovely about seeing your unique visitors counter go up, and getting comments on your articles. I’m not suggesting you write about them willy nilly- use them if something they have done you find interesting or you think of a comment about them that you want to share to your audience. Not all celebrities are born equal however, so even with this you need to focus your energy on a select few- and they’re not always the ones you might initially think of. Using my many years of working online, analyzing Google Analytics and other tracking services as well as assessing what names are most SEO friendly I have compiled a list of the top twenty celebrities that will help boost traffic to your website.**

Here is my list of the celebrities that I find help boost website traffic in the UK. They are in no particular order.

victoria_beckhamVictoria Beckham

This Spice Girl has grown up to be so much more than a Wannabe- she’s part of the UK’s biggest power couple, has her own clothing range and Mrs Beckham is very noted for her fashion sense and love of Birkin handbags.

peter-andrePeter Andre

This man made my childhood crush list, and returned to fame in recent years as the other half of Katie Price. He has since made a reputation for himself as a caring, somewhat put upon father, and there’s no denying the singer of ‘Mysterious Girl’ still loves the spotlight.

jordan_wedding_dressKatie Price, a.k.a Jordan

The glamour girl turned presenter, turned peddler of perfumes, beauty products and an equine clothing range (yes, really), gets great Google in the UK.

Lady GaGaLady GaGa

This diva changed the recent face of music and her over the top antics, love for the theatrical and general all round weirdness, makes Lady GaGa one to watch this year.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

The Girls Aloud singer carved out a career for herself as a public figure and rose to even greater fame when she started judging the X Factor. Known for her soft accent, her big hair extensions and her love of mascara, it is the one and only Cheryl Cole!

paris_hiltonParis Hilton

This heiress first became famous due to her sex tape, then came her show, ‘The Simple Life’, and her annoying , ‘That’s Hot!’ catchphrase. Next we had perfumes, clothing and even a hair extension line, as well as the even worse show, ‘My new BFF’. Somehow she still gets Googled constantly, showing she has a savvy, if superficial business head.

britney_spears_snakeBritney Spears

Britney may now longer be the svelte 15 year old schoolgirl of yesteryear, but she still gets column inches daily. Whether it’s her weight, her love life or her comebacks, she is hawt- and she knows it. Love ya Brit!

kristen_stewartKristen Stewart

This unhappy looking minx has built a career out of looking like she’s a sneeze away from tears- it can only be Twilight star Kristen Stewart, who shot to fame with her role as Bella. Hey, vampires are cool now, didn’t ya know?


Emma Watson

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is all grown up now, and as her time playing Hermione Granger comes to an end she has established herself as a British trendsetter and style queen.

kate_middletonKate Middleton

This lady may be our princess one day, so it’s no wonder that people are keen to google Kate Middleton. Will they/won’t they is the key question that everyone wants to know, and we all wonder just when her and Prince William will tie the knot. Which brings me to my next celebrity…


Prince William /Prince Harry

Maybe it’s the fact that they lost their mother too young, maybe it’s their title, their accents.. whatever the reason both princes are rather lovely looking, and rated highly by women worldwide.

kate_moss_modelKate Moss

This supermodel from Croydon redefined what we thought of as a model with her feline eyes, razor sharp cheekbones and less than 6 foot proportions. Whatever Ms Moss does, people want to know!

Katy PerryKaty Perry

This lady ‘Kissed a Girl and she liked it’, and went on to be the hottest new pop sensation, since, well since Lady GaGa I guess. Her relationship with Russell Brand and her love of retro outfits has built her a big fan base.

amy_winehouseAmy Winehouse

This star is famous for her throaty vocals.. and her problem with drink and drugs. Oh yeah, and her love for beehives, black eyeliner and general diva style behaviour. We love her, we just want her to get better.

russell-brandRussell Brand

Narrowly beating Zac Efron ( too American) and Pete Doherty (too much of a loser), Russell makes it into the top twenty list by dint of his brash, loud and sometimes rude personality. His film and TV career help- oh and his missus, Ms Katy Perry! Follow him on Twitter here.

justin_bieberJustin Bieber

I realize many of you may not even know who this person is, but just to fill you in he’s an American pop star who was discovered via YouTube. I’ve been assured my my friends at Sugarscape that he’s who today’s tweens have the major hots for, so woe betide you if you criticze his smile/pecs/age.


Alexa Chung

Not many people get a Mulberry handbag named after them, and though its not how Alexa Chung became famous, it has helped this trendy Brit stay in the limelight- that, and her presenting work/ love of vintage fashion. {image}

kelly_brook >
Kelly Brook

Known for her great natural curves, her footballer boyfriends and her genuinely nice personality (can attest personally to this), Kelly epitomizes the classic English rose. Well, her and Keira Knightley, but Kelly has currrves.

lily_allenLily Allen

This popstrel is known for her catchy songs, love of a good time and all round happy attitude. We love everything Lily does, and her friendly smile and approachable air have made her a true British gem.

Surprising Names not on the list: Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, Megan Fox, Rachel Bilson, Daisy Lowe, Sienna Miller, the Glee stars (people search for Glee, rather than their names).

They didn’t make the Top Twenty Celebrity cut as they’re (mostly) not UK based, and don’t gather as much search traffic here. They also may not be as relevant as they once were, due to changes in their circumstances.

PS. Please pay attention to the date that this article was published. In the world of SEO what is relevant one month may change drastically the next- Lady GaGa was once unheard of- so don’t expect that every celeb on the list will instantly boost traffic to your site. Pay attention to web trends, local news stories and relevant events- The Golden Globes will see a rise in US based celebrity searches, whilst The Brits will have a different focus.

* If you do have time to learn detailed SEO tactics, here is a good place to start.

** I am aware that merely by writing this article I may boost traffic to my own website- that was not the intention, but is a happy by product.

Who do you think should be on this list that I have forgotten? I’m very open to suggestions, but bear in mind what I’ve said in this article regarding those included.

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