The Doodle Duvet unleashes your inner Art Attack

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I have doodled pretty much my whole life. From the moment I could hold a Crayola I was busy coloring in sheets of paper, the walls, anything I could reach really, much to my parents chagrin. As I got older I moved away from walls and onto textbooks, illustrating the margin with badly drawn cartoon figures modelling fashions. As an adult I still doodle constantly, as it’s something I literally can’t stop. I’ll leave a meeting full of ideas, notes and crazy ass flowers in the margin of my notebook. I’ve seen a fair few doodle friendly designs, but this duvet is definitely my favourite.


Designed to look like an A4 sheet of paper, the set comprises of a 100% cotton duvet (with a threadcount of 200!) and eight wash-out colour pens.  I think you could get really creative with this, and create some pretty cool designs, and if they suck, well, wash ’em out.

I am bearing in mind the likelihood that the novelty will wear off within a few washes, and when that happens you’ll just find the duvet a useful way to jot down messages to your loved ones.. or write shopping lists/remembered dreams (if you’re me).


Get it for £45 from, Stitch Design Works [via Nest Goodies]



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