Technology city sculptures from Franco Recchia

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I love art but lack any modicum of talent in this field. You want proof? My high school art teacher almost cried at my depiction of still life oranges, and her sighs of despair still haunt me to this day. I tend to credit anyone who knows their way around a paintbrush with a huge amount of awe, and I hold these sculptures by artist Franco Recchia in high esteem. I first discovered his work on ChipChick, and am so impressed with what he has created. Franco has taken old computer parts- everything from the hard rive to the cardboard packaging- and turned it into futuristic style cityscapes. His work includes the Manhattan landscape, Pittsburg and Boston, and I’m hoping he’ll turn his attention to Britain next.



When asked what inspired his artwork, Franco told the Agora Gallery Blog the following:

‘I always have been fascinated by objects of common use because they were, originally, made by a person who put creativity, intelligence, and passion into designing or making them, from a screw to a complex technological system. In every single piece I come across in life there lies behind it the personality of the person who thought about it and built it. I prefer to find the pieces that I put in my artwork in places like trash heaps, where others throw away what they think is not useful anymore’.


Riflessi, Italyfranco-recchia-fifth-avenues

Fifth Avenue

He sounds like a very interesting character, and I hope we’ll see more of him in the coming years.

His work is currently on display at the Agora Art Gallery New York, so if you’re lucky enough to be in the neighbourhood go check it out!

[via ChipChick]

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