How to be a stylish helmet head: Cute and quirky motorbike helmets

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As a regular moped rider I’m often bothered by how dull all the helmets are on the road. Sure, it’s all about safety first, but that doesn’t mean you have to go the plain black and basic boring route. Experimenting can be fun- add some colour, a cool visor, or even a sticker- what’s the harm in jazzing up your bike wear? You wouldn’t wear the same shoes everyday, so why should you stick with the same motorbike helmet? Here are a few alternatives that could be great conversation starters…


Sadly the first few pictures aren’t actual products you can buy, as they were created by an ad agency for, well, who knows what reason. Most likely some odd way of getting a client to buy milk, or show how ‘out of the box’ they were.

Never fear- the following creations are 100% available IRL (in real life) so you can geek out or glam out to your heart’s content. Whoever guesses my favourite gets to ride pillion…


The Tron Helmet. This was created in conjunctcion with the latest film release and is a gloriously geeky way to jazz up your everyday helmet. It looks so cosy as well! It will be out later this month from Ateliers Ruby.


You don’t need to splash out a brand new helmet- why not jazz your current one up with a cute mohican strip or some bunny ears?¬†Get them here.


This Iron Man helmet is pretty sick, and is the work of Airbrush genius, ‘The Helmet Guy‘. OK, you can’t buy it per se, but you can commission your own one, which makes it even more unique.

maison-martin-margielaI love that Martin Margiela collaborated to create a unique motorbike helmet, and think the design on this is stunning. Annoyingly it was a limited edition from Atelier Ruby but there’s always eBay…


Another lovely piece of work from Atelier Ruby, this one has Eley Kishimoto’s name all over it…


These Moschino helmets may not be subtle or cheap, but they might add a certain European flavour to your scootering.

vespa-helmetsVespa make absolutely beautiful helmets, from country themed versions to luxe looking soft touch leather versions. Get them here.

So what’s your excuse now? I thought as much…

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