Teeth Tattoos, Minx like Lip foils and Lip Art- the latest in lip trends

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Every year a new beauty trend emerges and beauty fiends embrace it wholeheartedly. The jury is still out on what will be the biggest deal for 2011 (though magnetic nail varnishes are looking hot) and we have the crackle nail varnish craze of last year to beat. I’ve been noticing a lot of lip focused products emerging which are treating the mouth as artwork, rather than just a repository for lipstick. The lips can be amazingly expressive and some of the latest products are focusing on this area with rather exciting results. Here are some of the liptastic products on the market that are helping change the way we view this part of our face.

Teeth Tattoos

Tooth decals are nothing new but teeth tattoos are the next big thing- in Japan. They involve placing designs on the teeth such as rhinestones or cute items like ladybugs, affixing them via a super strong adhesive and then scaring/amazing people with your smile.It has been reported that Japanese teens like to match their teeth art with their nail art (as seen above) which I think is taking colour co-ordinating a whole step too far.

[via Yahoo Japan]

Glitzy Lips

Described as ‘Minx for your lips’, Glitzy Lips are essentially ‘infallible foils’ (their words) that you place onto the lips. The description is a little confusing- you know that you can end up with a cool prismatic foil lip look, I just didn’t understand why the website had no instructions (other than a video) and the only details on what you were buying were the colours and the price. At $29.99 for one pack it’s not cheap, but they say there are 20-25 applications per kit. You can use them on lips and nails, and I’m going to assume they come with instructions. Further research reveals that you apply an adhesive to your lips, then the foil and then pull it off like a wax strip- and the foil remains. I love how they look- shiny, 3D and Cirque du Soleil-esque and I hear they’re showing in the UK in September at a beauty trade show- watch this space.

Find out more about Glitzy Lips here.

Violent Lips

Violent Lips are a relatively new brand that have been exciting beauty girls because they’re so god damn cool,. They’re fake tattoos for the lips- just like your old fake tattoos of yore and they come in a variety of cute colours, from animal print, to sparkly and spotted designs. You wet the lips, apply the tattoo, press, remove and voila. Application takes some practise to get it right (above image took a few goes and isn’t completely perfect) but when you get it right it looks amazing- very unique and happily temporary, think 3-5 hours of wear. Not an everyday style but great for going out. They keep growing their collection and are now stocked in the UK as well.

Check out the Violent Lips website here.

Lip Art – Animal-ipstick etc

This is a trend I’ve mentioned before and one that’s currently still the domain of talented artists rather than the public (though I could imagine transfers in the not to distant future). Lip Art involves using the lips as a base for beautiful shapes and figures, from pouting crafty crabs to hippos and even foxes!  They’re created using special artists paints and a firm hand! Check out more Lip Art work here.

What do you think- will you be trying any of these lip trends or are you steering clear?

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